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Hey everyone! My name is Shannen. I'm from Providence, Rhode Island(the smallest state in the US). I have been an LP fan since i was 12. I love their music! The first song i ever heard from them was numb and have been a fan ever since! I have never seen them in concert but would really like to! I am looking forward to getting to know other fans on this site! =]
I am Marshall, 18 years old, I am from West Manchester, Ohio a little farm town, been listing to linkin park since I was in the Waffle House parking lot in 2000 when I first heard the album Hybrid Theory. I have been a fan of the band for many years now have all the albums! These guys have helped me though alot! My favorite album is Meteora but my favorite song comes from Hybird Theory and it is the song "With You". Exuse my lengtheyness on this,
BRASILLLLLLL !!!! LOVE !!!!! 11/10/2010
I have loved Linkin Park since 2003.
I turned on the t.v. (MTV or MTV2)
when I was about 12 years old,
and there was LP's Numb music video.
The second I watched it, I became entranced
and almost addicted to the song and video,
I just had to keep watching this amazing video over and over again,
and sought to find out more about this new, interesting, band.
A couple of days later I bought Meteora.
It changed my life.
Then I found out that they had already released Hybrid Theory.
I was slightly crushed to learn that this incredible band had already been kicking ass
and I just found out about it, but they're music captivated me so, that I couldn't just let it go.

So.... here I am today, and I have to say..
I have experienced no change what-so-ever in the
love and gratitude I have and express to this remarkable band.
This new album "A Thousand Suns" is probably the best damn thing I've ever heard.
It's like I get to live/enjoy the HT experience/feeling, that's wow powerful this new album is to me.
But, this not only reminds me of HT, but it has the new lyrics and strong, meaningful, messages
being portrayed, similar to the message/lyrics of Minutes To Midnight.
I think of it as Hybrid Theory and Minutes To Midnight had a baby and A Thousand Suns was it.
A spectacular, riveting, mind-blowing mix and combination. I can't really express it in words. I try.

Linkin Park, you didn't have to "awe" and "wow"
and completely, utterly shock me...
But'cha ya did.... deeply..
(this hits me on a number of emotions/past experiences
I'm trying to let go, and you're music has always helped me.)
And all I have to say is.... THANK YOU!
From the complete bottom of heart, thank you.
You've worked you're ass's off and it has definitely paid off, in my honest opinion.

Never let those haters get you down.
Some people wanted "the old Linkin Park" back...
I think you gave people that.. and MORE.

Hi! I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thank

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Hi I'm Katie and I'm 17. I started listen to LP when Youtube recommended one of their videos to me, about 5 or 6 years ago. I went crazy for them after that and I currently own all but the newest album.
I haven't seen them in concert yet because I live in Toronto, Canada and as far as I know, they haven't been here in a while (SO PLEASE COME BACK!!!)
My greatest wish is to see them in concert, then meet them afterwards.
Hi,my name is Angie,I got into LP after seeing lots of vids on Kerrang then listening to some more of their stuff. Now I have all their albums and love ' A Thousand Suns'.
Too old to rock, you're joking right? You are positively young,I'm 44! Feel like I'm 24 though!

Sara Lobb said:
I have never done this, and I guess I must be the "OAP" of the board, as I am 38, but I have been a fan of Linkin Park, since the day I heard "In the End". I bought the Album soon after, and then bought Meteora the first day it was in the shops. Minutes to Midnight, I downloaded on the first day too. I love LP, love seeing them on TV. Even like their side projects. Who says your too old to rock.
O.K. people here we go. My name is Kim and I live in Irving, Texas. I'm a 40 somethng year old LP fan since 2008. Minutes was my first LP purchase either because of the Transformer's movie or Bleed It Out. I can't remember what I heard first. Where was my music allegiance before that? I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I mostly listened to classic rock stations and of course you won't hear LP on there. I had heard of LP but thought they were some kind of punk rappin guitar breaking bunch of nuckle heads. Don't laugh at me. Anyway I'm on board now and I listen to them everyday without fail either on my IPOD at work or in the truck (you have to drive a truck if you live in Texas) or I'll watch the Transformer's movies for the hundreth time. Love the new record. It's beautiful, haunting, with some despair yet it's hopeful. I love to blast Wretches and Kings in my truck but love all the tracks. I've been educated also, I now know who Mario Savio is and did any of ya'll know what odious meant before this record. Well I didn't. I also love the Dallas Cowboys, Oklahoma Sooners (big win yesterday), Mt Dew, Dexter, True Blood and my good puppy dog Razor. One more thing, I encourage all to visit the Music For Relief website. Let's help Linkin Park make the world a better place. Peace!
Hey, my name is Stereomanic. When i first heard Linkin Park, it was the song ''One Step Closer'', back then i followed the crowd and was so into Limp Bizkit and whatever is 'nu', so to speak. Linkin Park first surprised me that

1) they didn't used curse words in their songs (not including the latest ones of course)

--to me that takes skill because you can still represent an emotion without cursing in it makes you a bit more creative than your alternative counterparts

2) They were different in a sense that they actually had some substantial things to sing/scream/rap about unlike Limp Bizkit.

3) They lasted this long and continue to grow musically.

The latest album may not be my favorite but hey, kudos to them for trying something new. As long as they don't end up sounding like T-Pain, i'm cool....

Anyway, i am an amateur rapper from Malaysia. so check me out and pretend you like it because i said cool things about Linkin Park, common, join the stereomanic side....
we got cookies....
and Justin Bieber ....LOL

link: http://www.reverbnation.com/thestereomanic
Well cme Linkin park.......best band eva......

ma fav. band was linkin park n i ws dying to see u guys cmin back online........well here u r new and improved niz.
All i can say is that u guys rox n keep up the gud work
Hi everyone.
I´m Saluhmi from Finland. Not fresh meat about the band for it´s been listened to since 2003.
I got Meteora for my birthday present and wanted to hear more after that. After finding out about Hydric Theory I realized that I´ve heard and liked their former album as well. Chesters voice got me interested.
Minutes to Midnight gave me moments I won´t forget. In Between really happened for me. The marks of evolving were in the air and then you guys made The Thousand Suns. It has been wonderful to listen to. I still find new things in it. Keep it up!
Hurray for evolution of music!

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