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Hi. I'm Rachel and I live in England.

I have recently become a fan. My husband has been for some time.

We are looking forward to the O2 concert next month.

I am 40. I have 2 daughters. Annabelle 14 & Lucy 10
Hello. My name is Teressa. I've listened to LP for a long time, since my early 20's. I'm 30 and just decided to join. I'm living on the outskirts of San Antonio. I'm an artist and Massage Therapist at a hotel. I love to listen to music and play video games. LP is a great band to zone out on for late night gaming. ;)
I'm 17, from india. Here in india as some of you know, we have our own HUGE music industry popular throughout the country and we dont find people addicted to international music easily. However when i was 10 years old, i got two tracks of linkin park from my cousin elder brother. Those were 'in the end' and 'pushing me away'...
I liked it, no actually loved it. I listened to in the end like about five thousand times. Then when i was 14 years old, i met a friend who told me the world has more of linkin park songs. I was overwhelmed and since that day i am a die hard fan of LinkinPark...have listened to each of their songs i dont know how many times. Be it photos, videos, blogs, everything....

And till this date, i never met anyone a greater fan of LP than me :)

lp 4 eva \m/
Name's Jesus friends call me Chaos. Age: 19

Been a fan since I was 13. This is my first time being in this site since I'm busy but now I'm more or less having free time which is awesome. My first song or video that got me hooked to me was "In the End".

After that I bought their albums and loved them. I'll admit that I wasn't that fond of Minutes to Midnight some songs were good, others...eh not so much. As for concerts...never made to one but hopefully that will change soon someday.

Either way I would gladly support them whether in their good times and the bad.

Oh right hobbies. For two years I danced hip hop, really fun yet challenging. Now I put a hold on it since I'm training to get to the Marine's recruit training on Parris Island, South Carolina. Other than that I hang out with friends doing whatever that's fun. If i got some time to myself I'd free write to clear my mind.

Thanks for reading.
My name is Carolina, I'm Brazilian ...

The first song I heard was Crawling launched in 2001, I was only 14 years, was ready to go to school when I saw I heard a song that touched me deeply and was spending the videoclip on MTV Brazil ... I won the first CD was Hybrid Theory.

Since then I am a huge fan of LP ... It's part of my life.!
Hey...umm...My name is Ratna, from Indonesia and currently live in Los Angeles, CA. Just call me Nana.
I started listening to LP since Hybrid Theory back in my homeland and I just joined LP today and I really excited! I love meeting new people so if you guys wanna have chit chat, I'd love that!
My name is Richanshu, you can call me R-Jay, im from India, I started to listen to LP when this band just released hybrid theory and i was just 4 years old :D. ive been a great fan of linkin park since then and I really thing this band has really evolved in each and every album. Opposite to many others i fell your new album is perfect and is just the was it should be.
Hi everyone! My name is Amanda (usually Mand) and I'm 34 years old. I've been an LP fan for years but this tour is my first chance to see them live.  I'm taking my little Sis (she's 15) and I don't know who is more excited me or her! Roll on November 5th when the guys come to visit us in not so sunny Geordieland!!!!!! 
I'm Trey from Oklahoma, United States. I discoverd the band a few years ago when I saw them play live on MTV. I really got into them though when they released M2M and I heard some of their songs on the radio.
My Names Jesyca, I am from Australia, but live in America at the moment.
I have known about LP for a while, but never really listened to their music.
I was being driven home to other night by my really close friend, David, and he was talking about LP, and I thought I'd give it a go. So, I borrowed "Meteora" from him, and fell in love with LP :)

David and I have said:
"Linkin Park is good, but when you're depressed, sometimes not the best decision."
Hello i'm Rizwan from Pakistan. i've been listening to LP for last 6years. I'm 25 and doing my bachelors in TV and Film Studies. Thats pretty much it about me.
I don't like LPU very much. But i was member
Since 2009 until September this Year but i 
ended the membership. I hear LP Since 2007
I was 9 now im 13. I'm from Germany, here
was Stickers by LPs Single the catalyst.
Question: i Love 8-Bit Rebellion! U to? :-)


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