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Well Steve my sentiments exactly, I wanted to see them in London but unfortunately couldn't. I said to my husband this morning as I watched someones video clip on youtube that you have to be on your feet to get the atmosphere and the vibe. There's nothing like it! If I'd have been there I'd be deaf and knackered from jumping up and down!

I'm Steve and I am 56 years old,live in Ashbourne in Derbyshire(UK) and love the music and the band. The LG ARENA GIG was superb on November 9th(but they did not play Blackout!!).
Can someone explain why people spend money on going to a gig and hardly move a muscle?I was surrounded by 3 or 4 couples and families who sat thru the concert!!!
Who are those people if you go to see a band surely you should attempt to enjoy yourself??????????????
Hi all, my name's Ines but my friends call me Puffy. I started listening LP in 2004. I've seen the "Numb"- clip on TV and this was the beginning. I love their music 'cause it brightens up my life. I've seen the guys two and a half week ago in Dortmund it was awesome, the best live show I've ever seen in my life... LP forever!!!!
Hey guys:)
Been listening to LP for ages now.
Thought it's about time to join the community!
I went to your concert yesterday at the o2 but I'm wondering where i can get the live album/ CD.
I'm Janda (yes, that's my real name), I'm 19 and from Southern California. Lurked the forums years ago but eventually drifted away for whatever reason.
Been a massive fan since I was only 9, when Hybrid Theory was released. I've been unable to attend any shows (actually, first ever concert was Mayhem Fest this summer) due to lack of funds. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can attend a show during the upcoming North American tour :)
Hi Delilah,
I absolutly agree with you. You speak to me from the heart 'cause I share your opinion about the six gifted guys and my family (except my brother) and my friends can't comprehend why I admire LP so much. But anyway the guys and particular their music are very important for me and I think that I'm similar obsessed like you ...
[Sorry if there are any mistakes but I'm not a native speaker :-) ]

Delilah said:Hey, I'm kinda new here but I've already participated in some debates. I'm not a native speaker and i'm unrooted, and i'm a little older i guess, 30 something, (but slowly regressing back into adolescence as their music evolves - go figure). i've never considered myself a fan, just a compulsive LP consumer, since about 6-7 years. my first fav song back then was nobody's listening. now i hardly have a favorite song, i love them all, the old and the new ones. I guess i was a fan in denial (or what is it when you wake up and you have that music in your head?). i was very lucky to see them live and experience a 90 minutes sensorial climax, then I bought ATS, can't deny it anymore now. i'm here because i think Shinoda is the best rapper in the world, he's a brilliant and multi-talented all-round artist, and Chester - what can i say that's not been said, he's divinely gifted, a vocal hero, and the rest of the band, the symbiosis of all, it's perfection, it's intense, it's my pain killer and it opened me to a new awareness of music and art. and I'm here because my family and friends can't take it anymore, if i sing "here we go for the 1000th time" they beg me to stop. ok, i'm a very bad rapper. i was told "you're not thinkin, you're linkin". yeah that's right. so i thought i could find here some alter egos to share my obsession with.
Sara, Northern Ireland, Im not sure how i discovered Linkin Park, i remember loving numb when it came out..and it was from there on ive liked them. Chesters voice is unreal <3 Im 17, Havent been to any live shows because i dont think they have ever been here :( not sure.
Hello everyone!!
My name is Aura, i'm 16 and i'm from Angola (west coast of Africa) but at the moment i'm in London doing my A-levels. I discovered the band through my sister in 2002 and since then i have been a dedicated fan!! I just recently went to my first linkin park concert which was in London Nov 10th!! and they were AMAZING!!! and i think this website is awesome!!! lol XD
Hi...I have occasionally visited the website in the past but never joined until today. I have loved Linkin Park ever since Hybrid Theory came out. It was tracks such as 'Crawling', 'In the End' etc that just grabbed me immediately and pulled me in. I've seen them live 3 times - in about 2002 (? - when 'Meteora' was released), 2008 when 'Minutes to Midnight' came out and just this week! (Birmingham LG Arena, UK - 9th November 2010).
I think the guys are awesome and their music is just so layered and textured. I'm a Primary Teacher and have used a couple of tracks with my Dance Club (although the more recent albums aren't as suitable for this because of the swearing!) and the kids always love the tracks too. So anyway, that's me for now!
Hi, my names Chrissy and I'm from Essex, England. Just seen LP live at the O  2 and Ii was just blown away. I love you Chester! 
Been an LP fan since 1991. Was on a date with a man (who is now my husband) when I first heard 'In The End'. I was addicted from then on!
I'm also a huge music fan in general and luv Elvis Presley too.
Would give anything to see LP live again!
Ello all. I'm from the wild wild west... just wanted to check out LP's site since I haven't been on it. Loved their music as far back as I can remember. I'm more of a 30 STM addict than an LP addict. The site's layout and ways of communication is great for fans! It's unqiue Well, nice to meet you all. :)
I'm ranee (pronounced Rainey). I'm from Covington, TN but now reside in Munford, TN. An old friend in highschool got me started listening to them and well thy was all she wrote :)
I really hope that in their tour they will be Coming close to where I am.
Hey I'm Richard, and I've been a fan of LP for quite some time now. I was introduced to LP by a music teacher of mine in middle school and have never turned back!
LP is now my favorite band! Heres to seeing Linkin Park on their upcoming tour.

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