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Hi, my name's Takaharu(japanese names get too long in english). Call me Tak :) I'm 15, a 9th grader in a city called Yokohama in Japan(of course). I discovered LP when I heard What I've Done in the Transformers in 2007, but I had no idea what their other songs were like at that time. But I decided to buy their CDs when I heard Leave Out All The Rest on radio, and noticed that I loved all of their songs XD I've been a huge fan of LP since then. I have all of their CDs exept Live in Texas. This is the first time I join LP's site. Unfortunately, I've never been to their lives(don't have enough money and time... ;( ), but I hope they'll come to Japan again someday.

I'm writing this at 4 in the evening here in Japan. But I guess it's around midnight in the US, and some time in the morning in Europe... This time difference is really annoying when you try to do things internationally X(
Hey all.. long time fan, first time online member. I've seen the group in concert several times and I can't get enough. I've gotten my precious 15 year old nephew into them about 3 years ago and he recently saw them for the first time a Epicenter 09 in Pomona, CA. We can't wait to attend the next concert.
it doesnt matter i already cleaned the post

Shatters W. said:
It said you were there, what do you say?

Are you going to answer this or not?

And I wonder????
Hey..Im Doğan...From Turkiye.I like football,music and hmm all things...
Well guys, I am Stefan, but friends & family are calling me Stef. I am 18 years old and half German half Persian, but living in Germany, Essen.

How I discovered LP... I directly became a fan of LP when I saw In The End for the first time on TV and learned to love them, when I heard In The End on the radio... I was totally ill (high temperature, tonsillitis and something with my ear), had no power, couldn't speak, but then the song came on the radio while me and my parents where searching a doctor (was late) and I sang to it like I wasn't sick at all. It gave me much strength back. Sooo I am a fan of Linkin Park since 2000 or 2001, can't remember exactly on which year In The End was released. So as you can guess, I am a long time fan(atic) of Linkin Park, have every song, room is covered of Linkin Park posters, checking LP site daily, etc. ^.^

But my first Linkin Park concert experience was late, since I was too young for it before. It was on 2008 on their Project Revolution Tour. Now I just hope to see them live soon again ^.^

So yer, that's all =P
where do you live in turkey???

Doğancan YAVUZ said:
Hey..Im Doğan...From Turkiye.I like football,music and hmm all things...
Niğde...Where are you from??
Hello to all fellow Linkin Park fans, my name is Simon and i'm from Oxford in UK. I'd just like to say that LP's music is a big part of my life - I rarely go a single day withoug listening to a song or two. I became interested in the band back in 2000/2001 when they released Hybrid Theory - what an album! I've bought or downloaded every piece of their music that i can from the underground sets to New Divide. I can't get enough of it. My favorite thing about LP is that i can always relate something that's happened in my life to their lyrics. they do not sing about pointless fairytale stuff but real life feelings. I Went to my first and only LP show in 2008 - Projekt Revolution @ Milton Keynes and it was amazing! Can't wait to see them again!

Great stuff!
Hey I'm TrEvOr CoLgAn I'm 12 from the good ol USA discoverd LP when I was 11 & now I'm obssesed 15 songs on my iPod
Hey everybody. Name's Shazreen. I'm from Sabah, Malaysia. I was first introduced to LP back in 2001 by MTV- the music video One Step Closer. I was 11 at that moment. And now I'm 19. So I've been a LP fan for about 8 years now. I joined the LP site last year. Therefore, this is my second year.

I've never been to any of their concerts mainly due to distance and financial problems.
Hi, im better known online as LPSoulja (notice the LP reference there). i never really posted anything on the old website but i saw this and thought heres my opportunity to make a start.

i remember seeing the video for 1 step closer on kerrang when it first came out, which made me buy hybrid theory the first day it was released and LP have been my number 1 favourite band ever since.

Im an amateur music producer and vocalist, and am in a band called Slow Motion Explosions ). as part of my solo work, ive made a dubstep remix of one step closer called one [dub]step closer xD...(hear it here: http://soundcloud.com/slow-motion-explosions )

cant wait for the nu album and i think Not Alone should be released as a single

LP forever

Doğancan YAVUZ said:
Niğde...Where are you from??

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