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The Fresh Meat discussion is a place to introduce yourself to the LP Community, whether you're a brand new fan or a long time supporter of Linkin Park.

Tell us who you are, where you're from, and how you discovered the band! Feel free to include any other information you'd like to share.

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İsmin ne hocam ya da What's ur name :D
what's up guys!!! my name is Eduardo but everybody calls me Lalo
i have always though that music connect cultures and believes so if you wanna connect with somebody real good the best way is with good music like the one deliver by the best Linkin Park Rules and i have been a follower since i heard In The End on the top ten Mtv more than 10 years ago and I will never change them because with the flow of time the keep flowing so am I... so nice to meet you guys and lets keep helping and expanding because we are all STREET SOLDIERS!!!
I've introduce myself before (AudioPaintBeta2.0 that was my old my id) but for some reason it got lost in the cybershuffle if you will lol!

Nice meeting you again!
I'm Jersha, a 16 year old & a completely wacko LP fan from India. I know, "INDIA" raises a few eyebrows....... There arent many serious fans from this neck of the woods. I've been listening 2 LP since 2004...... I happened 2 download In the End & One Step Closer by chance. Have been hooked since then. Am a member of the online steet team. really excited about the new website !!!!! Hi everyone.......
hello, my name's Anastasia, i'm from Italy... i'm an lp fan since 4 years ago and i discovered them listening to Crawling that my cousin sent to me. I liked it very much and so i went out immediately to buy hybrid theory. in 2007 when minutes to midnight was released i bought it and meteora. I think that meteora is the best lp's album ever and when i heard minutes to midnight i felt a little bit disappointed because it is so different from the other ones but then i hear it twice and i liked it...

happy to meet all lp's fans :)
Hi, my name's Tarangita from India. I'm totally crazy about Linkin Park and totally in love with Mike Shinoda & Rob Bourdon. I've been LP's since 2001.....
Hey I'm new Im from Northern Ireland, im 21, I have known about Linkin Park for a long time but only recentley would I call myself a fan of theres. Is there a chat room hear? If anyone has any questions for me I will try to answer. k peace out.

O and Im looking for a girlfrend by the way so if your intrested send me a message hur hur hur
I'm Kristen (K-Rob, K-Robinson, K-Dawg, KT, Robbie, Skullz), I'm fifteen, and I've been into Linkin Park since BIRTH. That's a lie, I first heard them when I was about six, when my cool mom bought Hybrid Theory and blared it in my house all the time. So about ten years. I'm a major band geek, I play drums, I'm teaching myself guitar, and my friends and I lurv LP. So have cool times.
Add meh, and we'll be buddy-buds. :D
Hi everybody!
I'm Gaia, 34 years old from Verona, Italy. I've been adoring LP since the very start, got all albums and you can say I've imposed them on my kids as well. Nice to hear the younger (4 years old) singing on top of his lungs What I've Done... :-)
How did I discover the band? I don't exactly recall how, but I can clearly remember what I thought at the time.
"Thank gods I finally found the perfect music for me." Love them.
I'm Leandra. If you wanna call me something else, lemme know. As long as it isn't Landra. *coughkristenrobinsoncough* I'm fifteen and live if the States. I'm not entirely sure when I went from being a misguided soul of LPlessness to adoring fan though. I am pretty sure that my awesome big brother was the one to knock some sense into me.

Little warning about Kristen Robinson a few replies above: she's painfully blunt and, much more than likely, most of the things that come from her WILL make you feel awkward, be it now or later. Take it in stride and you'll be fine. I speak from nearly ten years of personal experience.
Any idea what are talking about?
Hey guys,

I first strated to lisening LP in June 2008. It's just amazing to play their songs on guitar. They're so amazing.
I'm living in germany and i hope you'll come back 2010 in a great world tour. So I just play in a band with your songs.
Can anyone give me some informations about playing in a band? my e-mail address: emo-core-forever@hotmail.de

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