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The name's Akari :) I've been listening to LP since th Hybrid Theory day, but only recently became a very serious fan (just joined LPUX today). 

I've never seen LP live, but if they come to dallas (finding out tomorrow!!!) I'm seriously going!! I'm actually bursting with excitement right now xD

LP is my obsession, hobby, and reason for being alive :]

Hi All!!
I'm Angie, I'm from Argentina. I'm 23 Years old. (My b-day is in March 8th)^^
I'm a Linkin Park Fan Since I heard Hybrid Theory (10 years ago +/- ) <3.
I went to see Linkin Park Live for first time this year (Oct. 7th in Velez Sarfield Stadium, Buenos Aires), and that was the best day of my life!!.. I was so excited! I was waiting for 10 years!! xD (And I hope They come back soon!!)
Well, sorry for my english, it isn't than good :(

Nice to meet you all^^
Peace :)
Umm, hi, I'm Chelsea though I prefer Twilight most of the time. I'm from LeSueur, Minnesota; y'know that really small town that no one really stops at cause it's filled with kids who drink and smoke too much. I found LP a long time ago on one of those NOW CD's and I fell in love with their music. I've never been to a LP live show, cause I'm not that cool and have no money. I'm 16 but often feel like I'm 30. I'm probably the most random girl in my town and easily distrac--oooh shiny! Ah, easily distracted.

Just wanted to say hiya! <3
Hi guys, I am Glen and I am from Dublin Ireland.
I have been a LP fan since 2003 and they were the first band I really got heavily into. I finally saw the guys the day after my 17th birthday on June 22nd 2008.
Looking forward to potentially seeing them again in 2011
Hi my name is Ryan. From Utah have not missed a lp concert in Utah. drove 8 hrs to go to the one in Vegas in the hard rock hotel parking lot which was by far the best concert i have been to. can't Waite to see them in feb
hi all, I - Ira. I am an artist from Moscow. pleased with all acquainted. tell a little about yourself as a child dreamed of becoming a tattoo master, but life changed dramatically and I had to abruptly change their life plans. Now I earn a living for his work. my muse is Linkin Park. I am very grateful to them for what they do - high-quality music and songs that give strength, give energy to overcome life's obstacles, barriers.I'd be happy if someone will appreciate my creativity. I have a work dedicated to Linkin Park, Muse, Depeche Mode. I participated in the "art book for Depeche Mode", there went my work. I am very proud =)
I loved the 1st albums of linkin park but hate the latest album. Is there a place to submit lyrics? Also if you want to discuss things to a member of the team before they tour your country, who should I speak to?
Hey my name is Silvia, I'm 15 years old.. erhm started to listen to LP like two years ago, and I'm certainly obssesed.
I live in Colombia, so yes, I've NEVER gone to a LP concert :(
But I still have the hope that they'll come someday, lol.
What esle.. um, I'm a huge fan of LP. :)

I'm 25 years old and live in Australia and I came on here a few years ago saying some controversial stuff that I want nothing to do with now and apologise for anything, both good and bad caused by it. I'm not at all a fan of this band (and never have been), and if I was in my most rightful state of mind I would've been the first person in the world to speak out about how much I LOATHED Linkin Park. Unfortunately, the circumstances I was in at the time made it very hard to say things in character, I was in a very compromising position with the former governments and not earning much money etc, kinda resulting me in saying things that are complete opposite to what I think now. But that's why I don't post on here any more.

Sorry if I've offended anyone, but I felt the need to quickly come back on here and clear things up. What I said a few years ago does not represent me now.
Hey I'm 35, been a listener since 2001 I think with the first album. Hybrid Theory was good, but ReAnimation blew my mind and is one of my all time fav albums. Meteroa is a great album for me. I like Minutes to Midnight ok, but not something I've listened to a lot. I just got the new one, very interesting stuff. I need to listen more to be fair.

I'm a musician myself, worked on the score for Dragonball Z with Bruce Faulconer and Mike Smith at Faulconer Productions Music.
I have a lot of music aimed at DBZ fans on my main youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/M0rganstudios

But I just started a remix channel which I kicked off with a LP tune: http://www.youtube.com/user/Morganstudiosremix

I'm thinking of doing an orchestral version of "What I've Done" next. I'll probably try to sing it again...but that usually doesn't work out =\ I used Chester's acapella recording for "New Divide" when my vocals failed to live up to my standards (and probably most other people's)
I am a newbie.... I first got interested in LP watching the Catalyst video.... These guys r sooooooo smart & they r able 2 articulate the my feelings of almost everyday.... How can these guys kinow my heart? Sometimes it's frightening, but I love that I have found someone that speaks 4 me. The song "In The End" is precious 2 me..... I have just lost my Mom,took care of her 4 months, thought she would make it back 2 me.... In the end however, I tried so hard & got so far, but in the end it really didn't matter..... Sad but true..... Anyways, I LOVE LP, & I thank them!
hello everyone! my name is erin, im 21 and LOVE LINKIN PARK!!!! lol i was introduced to them summer of 2001 during a camping trip with my cuz and ever since then i'v been a hoocked. i'v seen them live twice, the first time was for thier meteora tour in 2003 and the second time was for the 2010 VMA's and it was AWSOME!!!! i have some amazing friends and they mannaged to lift me up and kinda throw me to the stage lol becasue of my amazing friends doing that i got to shake chesters hand, not only that but i got his autograph too! that was the nigth all my dreams came true lol

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