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'Ello there, LP worshippers! Another Bulgarian matie - Dimitar here. I've been a fan for many years now and a part of LPU since 7.0 (or was it 6.0? I don't remember :)). I'm not the most active person in forums, but I'll try to stop by often and check out what is stirring up.
Hey, aloha, servus, moin etc. bla blubb... I'm Stephanie from germany... joa... and I'm 18 years old.
I'm a unconscious fan since "in the end" and a conscious fan since "breaking the habit". :P ( !!!! and I know, my english is really bad xD !!!!! )
I'm the only one in my familie who likes rock, metal(and a little bit of techno and trance ._.) etc... okay, my mom likes LP... but my dad loves "party-music" and my 2 brothers likes techno, trance etc. and my oldest brother likes music from the 80's... horrible. .__o
Ouh, and my fav. bands are Rammstein, LP, Incubus, Rise Against, Die Ärzte, Three Days Grace etc. ;-)

But one thing we all have in common... we love animals. :D
My familie has 3 dogs(2 huskys, Channa(my 3rd bros dog) and Scugog(my dog) and a 1 irish terrier, Buster(familie-dog)), 22 japanese koi-fishes, 2 cats, 2 bearded dragons, 3 degus and 1 mouse. :D

And on my profilpic is Scugog, he lives here since 3 months. :-) (and yes, he is already 4 or 5 years old)

Ya... and my hobbies are snowboarding, gaming, drawing etc...

So, that's enough. xD

So... and who is now playing against me CS:S, UT2k4 or UTt3 etc.?! :D xD
Thank you so much everyone for posting in here! It's great to read about so many fans, and from all over the world.

Welcome to each and every one of you! :)
Hi Everybody! I'm Paige and I'm from the currently VERY COLD state of Nebraska. Been an LP fan since 2001, finally saw my first LP concert in February 2007. I was so excited they finally came here - would love to do it again! Looking forward to the new album - hope we don't have to wait very long!
My name is Junior Belmonte, better known as "Junior Kenji." I live in the city of Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil, I follow the band since 2001, still have a site dedicated to bandwidth, which is considered one of the largest sites of Latin America, the www.roadtorevolutionbr.com. I thank you all and always follow current news and hundreds of files to download, We also have the largest collection of audio and video of the band on the planet, entitled "www.linkinparkmedia.com" where we have a great partnership with LPinside becoming major sites Brazil. For now this is ...

Err...my name is Nina, most of my friends call me Ninja, Robot or something of the sort...hooray for high-tech stuff:D I'm 13 years old, and I'm Japanese...I live in Tokyo;) I started listening to LP a little after M2M was released. I've seen LP live once- I went to the Chiba show in August 2009. I joined the LPU right before the show, and I have been a LP.com member since...I dunno...around 2008, I guess:D

I like many bands/artists, but my favorites are LP (of course), Julien-K, Orgy, The Delta Fiasco, Fort Minor, Dead By Sunrise, Three Days Grace, Trick Factory, Nine Inch Nails, Aphex Twin, Avenged Sevenfold, Deadmau5, and Breaking Benjamin. Out of these, Orgy and Julien-K are the two bands that fall into my "most listened" category, along with DBS, LP and FM. My favorite genres are electronica, industrial, and rock...I guess you could say that I listen to pretty much anything except pop, which I hate- David Bowie is the exception though, he was awesome (and funny) ~_^

That's about all I can think of for the moment...oh, and feel free to add me here, on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and anywhere else you find me :) My profiles are www.facebook.com/twilight.LP.3 www.myspace.com/systeme_de_lp www.twitter.com/twilightLP I'm midnight_JK on the JK forums-you might see me around there too:D
Hey! My name is Laura but all my friends call me Lara. I'm 20 and i'm a big fan of LP since 2000. Also i'm kind of new to LPU. I joined 2 years ago.
Hi everybody...Im Stephanie and I think I might be the oldest so far lol, Im 31 years young. I am from Ga. I been a fan since "In the End" but really got into LP when MTM was released and now there is no turning back lol. I been an LPuer since 7.0 and renew yearly, I went to PR 08 in Atl and there I was able to meet Mr Hahn and Rob which was awesome btw. And had the privelege of screaming at Chaz during the concert saying I love you Chester and he responded I love you too :). My fav songs are Faint and Crawling. Oh and I have 2 Lp tatts one is the LP symbol and the other is the chorus lyrics of Crawling. I think thats bout it.
Hello im Carlos im from mexico i discovered the band with in the end video and im 19 yo
HI! I have been an LP fan since 2000, a member of LPU since 1.0. I found out about LP from another band board that I was a part of. Some of my friends there (the CREED board, the one from a long time ago that doesn't exist anymore) were LP fans and begged me for a long time to listen to them. When I finally did listen, I was totally hooked. I was so excited about them that after I bought the CD, I would go to the CREED board and type out entire LP songs there! LOL - I spent a lot of time on that board . . . . long story . . . and I don't post on boards all that often as a result, but I LOVE LP.

Favorite LPU memory - going to see the "Live In Texas" DVD screening at some movie theater in LA somewhere and having the guys in the band and their families (!) sitting in the theater, too and watching the BIG SCREEN premiere with them.....screaming things back and forth with the band members . . . TOTALLY AWESOME.

Oh, and I'm OneWay! Hee hee. You can call me Carol if you like, but I don't usually use my real name on here! (This screen name was actually my screen name on the Creed board, and I brought it over here in homage to my start with LP.)

Okay, that's enough, I have gone on too long . . . and I am from southern California, obviously!
oops! I'm long winded! And don't fully understand how this whole site is working yet!
Hey Everybody ! My name is Nima, and i'm 19 years old, and i'm from Denmark.
i've been listening to linkin park since i was 12, and i must say, they are definietly my favourite band ! :D
Ive only been to 1 LP concert in 2008, but then again, they've only been to denmark 3 or 4 times :P

- Nima

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