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I am a married mother of three. I absolutely love Linkin Park and have turned my 13 yr old son onto them as well. I have taken my son to various concerts (Ozzy, Kiss, etc) and have been waiting for Linkin Park to come around our area, and finally they will be at the Garden!!!! I look forward to taking my son to the show. Linkin Park and music in general are one of the few things we have in common, and as long as I can turn him onto some good music, we should have a great relationship in the years to come!!! Thank you for the great music and keep Rockin!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi guys, so I'm new here. My name is Tina and I'm from sLOVEnia (that's a really small country in Europe, it's next to Italy if that rings a bell :P) Anyhow, I'm 19 years old and I first started listening to LP i'd say 7 years ago. They surely helped me be me, if u know what I mean. They have such strong lyrics and Numb was the first song that I heard. I instantly fell inlove with their music. So here I am, 7 years later, still seeing myself as their true fan :). I've never been to any of their concerts unfortunately, but I am planing on going in the near future, if the money situation will be ok :P Oh, and today I cried when I saw that they organise these Summits for small groups of people who can actually meet them. (yeah I'm not that much on the internet so the news need time to get to me :P).. I actually cried when I watched a video some girl posted on youtube, it's definitly my dream come true, well not really, but this means my dreams could actually come true. So I keep my fingers crossed they'll be coming to Europe next year.

Yeah... well, don't think I'm a freak. I just love LP, we've been through so much together :P
Hi! I'm Kasia, I'm 18 and I live in Poland. I started listening LP in 2004. Since then I've been obsessed with them.My favourite song? Hmm.. It's hard to choose, all of them are grate, but I think that "Meteora" and "A Thousand Suns" are those CD's I like most. I've never seen LP live, but I hope their will be in Poland soon:)
Hey I'm meg I'm 14 and I think that linkin park are awesome :) LP 4ever 

Hey, I'm Milica, 14 years old, from Serbia :) Love LP sine this year xD Lmao, however i LOVE them :D Havn't been on a LP show yet.

Greetings! X3


My name is Aeris Rose (Yeah, yeah, its not my real name, I know. But I think its cool nonetheless XD), I'm from NY, and I just joined yesterday! =D


I've been listening to Linkin Park since...*looks up at ceiling, squints eyes, counts fingers, mumbles to self*...I guess since Hybrid Theory came out, when I was 10. My sister had the cd, and I burned a copy of it, and I played that cd until the cd itself burned out lol. I actually went through a low point during that time of my childhood, and I was obsessed with their songs. In some way, they helped me to deal with my emotions. True story.


Since then, I have continued to listen to their songs. I LOVE their new album, "A Thousand Suns". I'm listening to "When They Come for Me" right now X3. I'm hoping to attend their concert at Madison Square Garden in February, for the VERY first time. The choice was between this or going on a trip to Japan...and yes, seeing Linkin Park won =3


Thanks for reading! =D

Hello all!


My name is Ashley, and I've been listening to LP since 2000 when their first album hit. I'm 23, just turned, and was a member of the old LPU although I was a lurker and eventually just couldn't afford it anymore but here I am again.


I'm in college, Tourism Services. Hope to travel the world.


Going to the LP show in Toronto Feb 8th and am tres excited. 


I'm Veronika of Australia.


And I heard of Linkin Park when I was wee little and I saw "In the End" on Video Hits.

Been in love with them ever since. I joined LP.com before but my profile was probably so outdated it got deleted, so here I am again!

I've missed you awesome lot!

Hello, all. The name is Benny, and I front the music artist 'Raven Down'. I play the guitar, keyboard, drums, bass, and I can rock out on the Groovebox like no one else and their mother. I mix my own stuff and master it, so I a 'one-man-band', if you will. I don't have my music uploaded on the web yet, but I will have it up soon. so keep an eye out. If you want to know more about me, hit up my profile page and check it out.


I look forward to participating on this website, and I plan on joining the LP underground sometime in the near future. Keep it real, folks.

well I don't remember whether I posted here or not :P since I mostly post in the lpu and seldom elsewhere


Aditya here (guess not to hard to make out) from India here, long time fan, lp merch addict and so on

old lpuer. Though this new site is ok but do miss the old LPN and the lpu.com

Owww my eyes hurt.


Ok I haven't been an LPU member since LPU 2.0, I was a street team member since 2003 and never really saw a need to join the later LPU's... My god have things changed! For one the website has wayyy to much going on, maybe I'm old school, but I really miss the old site! Seems like there are a lot fewer members too? Anyways, anyone here from the Original Street Team? Like Pre-Minutes era?



How come this stuff do'nt bend,move

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