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My name is Patricia and I've been a fan since 2000. I've seen them live twice. I'm hoping to go to the show coming up here soon. Linkin Park is the best band out there in their diversity and performances. I love all of their albums, even and especially A Thousand Suns! 
LP fan since 2001.  Thinking about going to their next concert, but shoreline concerts are tough to beat.

Hy everyone!!! I'm Carla and I'm from Portugal. I Love LINKIN PARK since i heard them for the 1st time, when their 1st single was out in Portugal.  They are my fav band and even though I never ad the chance to watch them live I hope can accomplish that before i die lol. My fav video is one step closer but i wouldn't be able to pic a fav song. Valentine's day really surprised me cause it's a love song  and is so heartfelted, but then we have shadow of the day, numb, in the end ... like i said before can't really pic just one. Love LP.com and it's layout is very original.



I'm Hari, from the UK

Been a fan for several years, and realised that linkin park was my favorite band, though I haven't had time to see them live yet Otherwise, I'd want to see them live some time soon

Thanks 4 the welcoming. I heard linkin park when I first heard in the end. Since then I listen to the everyday and I never get tired of listening to them.
Hi. I'm Gabe.I'm form Roswell, New Mexico. I discovered the band from my best friend. He showed me them one day and ever since then I loved them and accepted Rock as a 2nd to Hip Hop. He was the rocker and I was the hip hopper. Haha But now... Hip Hop really isn't doing it for me.... I been desperately searching for new music. Country is blah and pop is gay. Rock is the shit. I know a couple songs that my friend used to listen to like from Evanescence and Linkin Park plus others but now I want to do it right. I need help finding some Rock that is considered the best. I love Linkin Park but I want to get some direction to some legends. I feel I should pay homage to the one who started Rock. Who did? Can yall help me find more music and legendary bands? I like real/ everyday life type situation/ deep/ emotional rock. Help me. Btw my fave song is "Change (In The House Of Flies)" by Deftones. Get @ me here or on FB, myspace or twitter or the Eminem.com forum. My FB is http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1826490403. My Myspace is www.myspace.com/blazethenightmare. My twitter is @GabrielBlaze. My account on Eminem.com is very easy to find in the Recovery forum. Haha I invite you to join Eminem.com with us. Everyone there loves Linkin Park and would love a collab between the two artists as well I. Thanks - Gabe
hello!!! my name is Liza! is a pleasure to be in this wonderful community where we all have a passion which is to love Linkin Park
Welcome everyone!!

Hello, my name is Andres, I live in Orlando, I've been a fan since 2003, saw them live in 08, awesome show, they are even better live, i hope i can see them live again.

I hope to make some friends here:)

Sorry about my constant deleting of posts before posting stuff that I really shouldn't have said. I needed to clarify that I never liked this band (in fact always hated them), and that my posts a few years ago were the result of me putting myself in a state of mind so I didn't enjoy life while the former governments were in office. Complete opposite to what I think now.
Hi everyone! My name is Agnes. I'm French but I am in the US for a year. I've begun listening to LP since Meteora, 5 or 6 years ago. My favorite song, if I must choose one, is In Between, but I love all the songs (except the one with Jay-Z). I've never seen them live but I'm gonna see themnext week in Chicago :)
Hellooooo!! ma name s Patricia Irene.. m from greece been a fan of LP since hybrid theory loved it and meteora,.I remeber that times when I was watching OSC on TV and laughing :) Mike's red hair was awsome !!! hohoho love it,. :)
♥ Linkin Park !!

Hey, I'm Abby/Abz, I'm 17, and I'm from England.


I found out about LP in 2005; I was in my sister's car and she was playing Hybrid Theory, and I literally fell in love with it. Soon after that I bought my own copy of HT, and I also bought Meteora, Collision Course, and Reanimation. I was amazed by every single album, and ever since then I've been a die hard fan and I can't get enough of them, because they've become such a big part of my life <3.


I've been a member on this site for about three years, and I'm also a member of LPU, and I joined about two weeks ago (I've known about it for ages, I just never got round to joining). 


I've seen them live twice (2008 MTM Tour and 2010 ATS Tour), and it's soon to be a third time, and possibly a fourth, as they are playing at Download Festival in the UK, in June, and the iTunes Festival in July (on my birthday, which is also American Independence Day ^.^). On their ATS Tour, i managed to CATCH CHESTER'S GUITAR PICK <3.


Hope that helps you get to know me, feel free to add me :3.

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