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the first song I heard Linkin Park was a few years now, was one step closer and struck me a lot, anything you think is not ... comooo butter and shortening normal red XD


GRACIAS!! soy español español españoool XD

Hi, my name is Beatriz, I'm from Brazil, and my story with LP is kinda old, I was only 12 when I meet their sound, and I was like too young and too fool to understand how great they are, I liked the sound even not knowing what they were talking about. So I just loved them, I was really obesessed, but the time past now I'm 19 and once more I discovered why I loved them so much. These days I've been listening the old ones and I just gotta say, they are my favorite band EVER! They came to Brazil two times, but they never came to my city, like everybody knows, Brazil is a f***ing big country, so I didn't have the money to go to the other state and see them. When I knew that in the first time they came here they played "Numb" and the rain start to fall, I cryed like a baby. It was just my imagination, but for me the rain was falling and Numb was playing right in front of me. Never forgot that day.

Sorry my english is so bad!!!! >_/p>

Hi! I'm Giorgia from Italy . I'm 22 years old 

I've been a fan since 2001 and I saw them live at Heineken Jammin Festival in 2008.

In June I'll see them angain at Sonisphere Festival =)  I'm so excited..

Hey! My names is Katelyn, from South Africa.

I joined the LPMB back in 2007 (used to be Kaileena) or so then got mega busy with school and wasn't able to come online anymore =(

But school's over now, so I'm hoping I can meet more people again ^^

Hi, I'm Pieterjan, most call me PJ. I'm 24 and have been listening to Linkin Park since the first time I heard a song on the radio. That would be 2001 I guess, with their song 'In the end'. I haven't seen a live show of Linkin Park because they never came to Belgium.


I hope they come to Belgium, especially to Rock Werchter. As soon as they plan a concert in Belgium, I buy a ticket.

Hey everyone!

My name is Andrea, feel free to call me Andy :)

I'm from the Czech Republic so...excuse my English

I would like to thank german MTV for playing Pts.Of.Athrty back in 2002 or 2003 (not sure). It caught my attention, I talked about the video with my friend who already was LP fan. Later Meteora came out and I was hooked!

I used to be more into pop music back then. So weree my parents. It was unacceptable for them that I started listening to rock and metal music (they had been thinking I was on drugs or what...funny)

First time I saw the band live was in 2008 (I was 18 -> allowed to go wherever I wanted to) in Brno, Czech Republic. It was the first show I've ever been to and I consider that day as one of the best days of my life. I'll never forget the feeling I had, I'll never forget the happiness, I'll never forget the atmosphere! Awesomeness!

That should be enough. Feel free to add me as a friend, I enjoy meeting new amazing people :)

Have a nice day!



hello patricia, me too been a fan of LP since hybrid theory :) lol 

How r u ?

♪♫ ♥ Pàtrìcìä23 ♥ ♪♫ said:

Hellooooo!! ma name s Patricia Irene.. m from greece been a fan of LP since hybrid theory loved it and meteora,.I remeber that times when I was watching OSC on TV and laughing :) Mike's red hair was awsome !!! hohoho love it,. :)
♥ Linkin Park !!
hello m new here,.. :) my name is Daniel i live n japan, s a pleasure to be n this site :) . I've begun listening to LP since hybrid theory. My favorite song, if I must choose one, it's crawling, but I love all the songs. I've never seen them live but I'm gonna see them later :)


 I'm new here,i'm like linkin park,  I have a new little friend, so I want to have friends a lot, Icould be Indonesian, a little Jepan language, and english a little bit, please add me, thanks :)

Hi everyone! My name iz anthony and I am new to this website. I always liked Lp. I heard LP when I was looking 4 a song and found in the end. Since then I listened 2them 4the rest of my years. I just want 2 say that linkin park iz 4ever. Byeeeeez


My name is Nastya, I'm from Russia. I fell in like with LP when heard their songs... so i'm fan of LP for 5 years. I want go to their concert, but it seems that they will not visit Moscow soon

Hello, My name is Freddy I'm 18 and I've been a fan since 2003, but I just joined the LPU. I've seen LP live once in 2007 and want to see them again. I like all their albums, but my favorite would have to be Meteora.


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