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Hello everyone.My name is Vitaliy. My Nickname is Bond.I`m 17 and i`m from Ukraine Odessa =) LP is my first band which i start listening when i was 13 and LP is still my favorite band. I hope LP will please fans for a long time.
HI my name is Carina I am 21 and I live in Denver, Co. I am currently in college to become an Elementary Teacher. I discovered Linkin park though a friend in high school who had Hybrid Theory and I listen to it and was blown away and the darkness of the melodies and also how unique it was. I hadn't heard anything like that before. I was hooked them and have bought every CD since. I think Minuets to Midnight is my favorite so far, although my favorite song is "Somewhere I belong." My first show for Linkin Park was on Projekt Revolution 2007 becuase I was so amazed by the line up they had. Also I must confess I am a HUGE MCR fan. That about all for right now.
Hi. I am Robert. I am 15 years old and love music. I've only been a fan of LP for about 2 years now, and now they're one of my favorite bands. I got hooked on to them as soon as i heard them on there CD "MTM" (that i randomly bought at a convenience store).

.....And that's the story on how i became a fan of Linkin Park.
Eyy I'm Jacqueline or Jackie. Been a fan since 2001.
My sister got me into them :P
Hi guys, well I'm 16 years old and I'm from Argentina.
mmm.. I started listening LP for METEORA, but then I bought Road To Revolution and Minutes to Midnight, I really like the band but I've never seen LP live because they never played here. :(

So.. that's all. :D
Hi LP fans. It´s time to introduce myself. My name is Anabela, but ppl call me Bela, i´m 31 years (they´re so many years, that sometimes i really have to think well, how many years are). I´m from Portugal, Algarve. I started to listen LP since year 2005. I love all the songs, all tthe members, they´re just fabulous. Unfortunatly, i´ve just been one LP show, and was at last year, on RockOne´s festival. Was a great show. I wait that in the future, can go to much more concerts, and i´m exciting for the new album, hope soon...
cya :)
Welcome guys :)
I joined yesterday because there was a link on Linkin Park Underground and I clicked on it and...
Here I am :)
I must say a very good site if one is a member of LinkinPark.com and of LPU one knows everything about LP ;)
Well I'm from Germany and hope LP come there and visit all big towns there !!!!
I started to listen to LP 4 years ago and haven't listened to anything else since :)

I'm really looking to the new album and hope it will be out soon although I have read posts that first the new game (souds great as I have an iPod touch :)) and then a new single and then the album

LinkinParkElite (also my name in LPU)
Hi Everyone!

I'm Ely, 26yrs old from Indonesia. My first LP song was "In The End". Back then in 2000, I was a high school student that live in small city in Indonesia. I heard this song from our local radio station, and straightly love it! I wasn't recognize whose the singer but I love their music. Start from that day, I'm enjoying LP songs. LP become part of my life journey coz they're so inspiring!

13th June 2004 - LP had South East Asia Tour in Jakarta, but guess what? I never saw them live on stage T_T I came from middle class family, my parents only gave me living cost for my study in university that means I didn't have any extra money to bought ticket to watch their show in Jakarta. I was so... sad -_- I was so jealous to my friend who flied to Jakarta to watch their concert. And even he took their picture for me, I still so sad...

It's 2010 now, means they already become part of me for about 10 years. And I still love them! ^_^
Hi there everyone! :)
My name is Marjorie and I'm from Puerto Rico. I'm 18 years old and I started listening to LP about 5 or 6 years ago. Some friend of mine was listening to In The End and it rocked my world so I bought the CD and I loved it... Now I have all of the CD's and demos and DVD's :) I don't have a LPU account and I don't even know why, but will son have one hehe. I've never been to a concert, but I'm looking forward to it.. Favourite songs or albums: each and everyone.. in my profile I wrote 3 songs & one album but truth is I like every single song, either because of the rythm, lyrics, or just how it sounds to my ears!
Add me to Facebook if you want: www.facebook.com/lilo.chouci
well, i'm not exactly new or anything, but since LP totally revamped their site, my account was flushed away along with the previous version of the site. :P

anyways, i am being known as Iki.Ali as of late. yeah... a new alias.
i'm from Malaysia, and i'm 19 this year. been an LP fan ever since their debut!

if i told everything about me here, my LP profile will fail to serve its' true purpose. XD
so, yeah... more info on me at my LP profile page. ;)
Hey Everybody =)

My Name is Tatjana, i am female and come from Germany.

I am a Fan of Linkin Park since their beginning in 2000/2001.

I am a proud owner of both CD`s from Chesters old Band Grey Daze and i am a member of LPU which i joined when LPU 6 came out. :)

I have seen Linkin Park 3 Times, Fort Minor 1 Time and Dead by Sunrise i will see this year.

So i hope to have a good time here and met nice people. :)

So when there is anything you would know about me, write me. :)
Hey there, so new here, but not to Linkin Park. Forgive me if I screw some things up while I get used to the forums. I have been a fan since Hybrid Theory. I've had the opportunity to see them twice. I'm gonna take my little one this year because she loves them! I feel so old compaired to some of you... I'm 32 with a 17 and an 11 year old... they love LP almost as much as I do. I hope to keep up and hopefully meet cool people here!

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