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Hi there! I'm Hugo from Peru, all I have to say is that LP Rocks!!!!

Ive been listening to LP since around when Hybrid Theory came out, i remember my friend coming up to me and being like, Jess, you GOTTA listen to this song. He never got his album back after that, and soon i was playing that CD everyday, it was like the whole CD had a song for however i was feeling. Ever since then Ive gotten their CD's whenever they come out, however part of me really disliked RE-Animation, classic FTW <3 Though some of A Thousand Suns seems to be one long song, there are a few that i just love listening to, especially since my boyfriend has been playing it non stop whenever we go driving. Thanks LP, you really did save me in highschool, and ill never forget that <3

the first time I heard the Points of authority in the HYBRID THEORY album


I was dancing like hell hahaha :)


Hi my name is Elise. I'm 20 year old. I'm from Texas! I just saw there concert last night in Dallas, it was freakin' amazing!!

I've been a hardcore LP fan from the very beginning and I love following them and their music as they grow.

Hey everybody

My name is Andrea and I am 25, that probably means I am one of the older persons here :p

I am a fan of Linkin park since day one, So that would be over 10 years of Linkin Park awsomeness for me now :D

I live in Germany and cant wait for the european tour ^.^ 

Since Lp fans are kinda great I look foreward too meet some of you guys :)


Hi..how's it goin??

I'm Bie..Indonesian

I've lived in Bangkok,Riyadh and now i'm in Islamabad..( A big shout out for all of u there)

 and I'm hooked to LP for life..LOL



Hey y'all! Jheng here. :-) Linkin Park fan all the way from the Philippines.. :')

Started listening to LP since I was in highschool.. So, most probably, when Hybrid Theory was made..

Haven't been on a LP show... yet.. But still hoping they'll visit Manila. :-D

Hi!  My name is Alex, from Bel Air, MD.  Been a supporter for maybe two years, and I'm really into drumming and gaming on PS3/classic games.  Hope to talk to ya!
Hey! Name's Marija, and I'm from Serbia! I'm 22, and have been listening to LP for quite a while (read: from the first album untill today), and I just love their energy and lyrics.. Amazingly good music!

Hello everyone,


I'm James Murphy, I live in the UK.


I've been a LP fan since I was 14, but I only just joined the fan site -Waaayy-


So yeah, It's nice to meet you all, and I hope to make new friends and listen to your storys if you have any to share.


Thanks for reading. ^,^

hiya LP fans =]

I'm Kandace but I go By Shinoda Dork Because thats my nicename  I live in the U.S i'm 17 going on to 18 in 19 more days

I've been loving LP since they came out the first time. i was young. o_o do the math =3

Nice to share with you guys i will read what everyone has to say =]


Thank you,


hi guys. my name is masuch I'm 16 & I've been listening to LP since i was 5 & the very first song i saw was "one step closer"&i love them all mostly Chester.oh I'm from Iran.

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