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Hey all:) I'm Edyta, I'm 19 years old from Poland! I started listen LP when I was 14 years old. And they are my love!
been loyal fan since 2001 when first heard paper cut on radio,even my cat is named linkin,you wouldn't think it by looking at me,my family and friends say everytime the hear one of their songs they think of me
Hi all! I`m Dasha, 15 years old from Russia.
My friends love LP and always listened to them, and I have found their songs. Now LP my favorite band and the first song which I have heard it Numb cool group:)
hi everyone im carl and im new to the site but have been a big LP fan a long time now..
hi guys i m italian i m the big big fanssssssss
Hello people.M y name is Andreea,I am from Romania and I am 22 years old.
I've been a fan since thay came out and I still like them just as I did the first time and this willl always be my favorite band.

Lot's of love and a big hug to all :D
Hello I'm ecks and I'm from the Philippines, I am a big Fan of LP specially Chester Bennington.
Hi to everyone! I'm Lea, I'm 20 y and I come from Slovenia, Europe!

They're my favourite band, since I've heard the first song... In the end... I think it was about 10 years ago, when Hybrid Theory album just came out, in 2000! I saw 2 concerts... first was on 21 June 2008 in Germany, and the last one on 23th July 2009 in Austria! The second time I went to the concert, my mom asked why I'm going to same concerts.. but I just can't get enough of them :-)

Keep on rock... byess
well, first of all, sorry for my english!
I´m Ana and I live in Karlovac, in Croatia! I´m 22. I am a big LP fan, for almost, I don´t know, 10 years, but recently I was on my first LP concert in Graz. It was the best day of my life, and my dream is finally come true. I was in a first line, waited for 7 hours in front the hall for that.. Now, I live in hope that someday they will come to Croatia, so I can repeat that beautiful feeling of being on their concert again.
Hey, Im Alex from Hull in England. I started listening to the band when my friend showed me Numb on Youtube a couple of years ago, and I just loved the sound of it! I then bought the Meteora album and found it amazing, then getting the other albums i know class Linkin Park as my favourite band of all time - By a long shot!

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