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watupp my name is sergio. im from el paso texas. been a fan of lp since my friend gave me meteora as a gift in 2006. been hooked ever since. i almost got to see lp live but the weekend of the concert chester blew out his voice so they skipped el paso and some other place in new mexico. i was bummed out all that weekend. oh well ill get another chance someday. well thats me.
Whooo!! My name is Kim!
I've been LP fan for like, i don't know... LONG!
And im 18 years old.
Im from the Netherlands and it's cold here...
Verrrry cold! brrr
I've been to a Linkin Park concert in Germany and i LOVED it! even though i was at the back... i didn't see much but i LOVED what i heared!
hi,i'm Giang but my friends call me BTT, i'm from Vietnam. i have an older bro who love LP a lot and he told me to hear the song Numb 2 years ago, when i was just 12 ,and i did , i wish my brother had told me about them earlier.now i have lots of their picture at home although my prent never stop complaining about them ^^.
I am Lode Geboers from Belgium.
I discovered the band thanks to my brother, he let me hear In The End.
Right now he really don't like lp because... He must hear it every day when I am listening it.
But I think he still likes a few songs, he just don't admit it.

I am LPU, LPST member...
I am kind of manager of the Linkin Park Belgium Community. (http://linkinpark.com/group/linkinparkbelgiumcommunity)
I am not the owner of the website (linkinparkbelgium.be) but I am the big boss of the community.
I meeted LP twice and saw them 4 times live. I saw Chester a 5th time live with DBS where I meeted drummer Elias.

At my profile on this Linkin Park Website you can find a foto blog, video blog and a normal blog and I love to get comments! Because I want to share stories, I think My Foto blog and video blog must be interesting. Be sure to check out the picture with Laurens Renner and Paul Renner.
Hey all, my names tanjil but call me Teejay (: I'm 17 and from Australia (:

The first Linkin Park song I heard was One Step Closer when I was 8 years old once Hybrid Theory was released although the first video I saw was Papercut <3 I've been a loyal fan since the first time I heard them :D

I have Reanimation, Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Minutes to midnight, Live In Texas, Collision Course and Frat Party At The Pankake Festival, and over 150 pictures of them in my room (: I am yet to go to a live show of theirs, and my first tattoo will be a linkin park tattoo (:
Hey whats up this is Brady. Im 15, been a LP fan for years. Absolutely LOVE the band. Greatest band EVER...
Hi! my name is Jessy and I have been an Lp addict for too many years to count, I joined the site awhile ago but rarely ever made posts. I love all Lp songs and am constantly zoned out of the world in the music. Sadly Lp has not been to Vancouver BC but if I had one true wish, it would be to see them live! =)
hey whats up im bany im 18 and been an Lp fan since the elementary, just joined the site...
I introduce another person...

Brenda is new on the LPN(she just know 4 songs of lp or something like that) and she is a friend of mine, just go say 'Welcome to the LP Network" or something like that. http://linkinpark.com/profile/BrendaRenaerts ... Let's transformer her into a diehard!!
hi all, im Tania, i fallow LP since 2000 when i hear Ones step closer for the first time, i´ve never been a fan of any group, but i did fallow LP on radio or videos as they keep evolving and each album was as good as the first, didnt know the complete discography.
Just recently in 2009 i was on vacation and bougth Meteora, couldnt stop listening to the CD, i end up getting all albums, plus all lives speciasl plus the collision CD, i got addicted.
Now im waiting on LP to staar touring, im from DR, that means that ill fly anywhere in USA or Latin america where they get there first concert, im that obsesed...
so please if any one get any info of they playing anywhere or a change to meet them, let me know..ill be there and you cna win a company and friend for sure.
Hum... Hi! My name is Alma, I'm 17 turning 18 next month (but not very excited, dont ask me why). I live in Brazil. Long time LP fan, since 2002/2003, started to lissen Hybrid Theory when I had chickenspots during christmas time, and was the only cd I had, so I started lissening all the time to try to get the lyrics and with that I learned how to speak english (which is funny, because I never really tried, just now, but I still think I learn more with LP).
In the beggining was very hard to get the cds over here, the only one avaliable in my town as Meteora, and I really wanted to Pankake Festival DVD and Reanimation, since my cousin brought me from the US the Hybrid. So, since that sickness time, I 've been a pretty hardcore loving fan, in fact, my wedding song was With You. :D Like it says in my profille, I'm a music teacher, I'm a chubby pregnant and me and my husband are excited to put our baby in the LP world, so I'm working on learning all the LP songs on the piano, violin and upright bass, to play for my lil boy.
I guess this is it for now.

Peace :)
My name is Stefanie but everyone calls me Steff. I'm 28 years old and I'm from Germany.
I came to LP through the MTV Mash-up and COLLISION COURSE was my first CD.
Since this I have more intensively dealt with LP and have succumbed to the music hopelessly.
Last year I saw the Band live in Stuttgart, and it was unbelievable. I hope that they come quite fast again.
I read with pleasure and draw occasionally, so a leisure artist.

So that's me and I want to say hi to everybody.

SU Steff

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