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Well thanx
Since Hybrid. LP have amazing depth - creative, innovative, original. It was amazing, blew me away. I used to think Roger Daltry had the best scream in rock, unbeatable - until Given Up. :-O omg

mike said:
good also so how long are you fan of LP ?
cool men LP is rocks
Hi! Totally agree with you! LP are gods of rock!

mike said:
cool men LP is rocks
ye cool LP for the win
Oh most definately. What would life be like without LP? Dont wanna even think about it.

mike said:
ye cool LP for the win
dont think that dude linkin park was the creacion of god i think"
Hi my name is Vikki and i am from Adelaide in South Australia. Linkin Park have been my favourite band for a few years now and they get better with age!!!!!! My little boy loves you guys too, especially since he discovered you guys did songs for the transformer movies, which are his favourites.
Bought dead by sunrise album last year and am loving that too, so well done to chester and the boys. Also cant wait for the new linkin park album.
Bye for now
Oh, totally in agreement! Linkin Park was a combination of all the best things in the universe and put onto earth!

mike said:
dont think that dude linkin park was the creacion of god i think"
What's up? I'm a noob to the LP.com boards and site and stuff, but I am in my 5th membership over at LPU so I'm kind of old over there. lol My username in the LPU is pb_n_bennoda.
I'm in college and I will be for another 6 or 7 years. Yeah, it's a long story. Anyway, I've been a Linkin Park fan since 2003 when I was about to start 7th grade. I was watching MTV when "Faint" came on and I was automatically hooked. I don't think I even blinked throughout the entire video! LOL Later on in the day I found myself singing, or trying to sing, whatever I could remember. lol From that moment on I knew LP was something special and they would be with me for a long time to come.
lol. ya man i cant seem to take care of my lp cds ether. well good luch on taking care of yours and i realy realy hope that linkin park will ceap on creating more musick as a band soon.

dragonlp20 (moderator) said:
Welcome all to the new and improved LinkinPark.com! Name's Dan, but most call me Dragon :)

I first started listening to the boys back in 2001, and joined the old LP.com back in 2003. Saw my first LP
show on January 25, 2001; my 21st birthday.

I've bought at least 3 copies of all the albums, either because some punk stole it, or usually, just because I've just played them so damn much. ^_^ (Speaking of, I'm due for a new copy of Hybrid Theory ^_^) so I guess you could say I'm a bit of an old Linkie Bopper =P

That's about all I can think of ... oh, except that I'm gay :p

Peace out bois & gurls :) lol
My name is Christina and I am in Charlotte, NC. I honestly can't remember when I became a fan of Linkin Park but I think I heard a song on the radio and it sorta reached out to me because it helped me through a rough time in my life. Linkin Park has helped me through a few rough patches in my life. Listening to them has kept me sane and basically described how I was feeling to a tee. Right now I have Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Minutes to Midnight and I listen to them all the time to the point were I think I know every song by heart. Right before I went to my first concert I was having dreams that I got to get up on stage and sing with them...LOL but the concert was amazing, even though I was so far in the back that I really couldn't see them, that kinda sucked because I would have loved to see them up close. I am listening to them as I am writing this. I am not sure if there is another album out right now but if there is I will buy it as soon as possible, or as soon as it comes out. I just remembered when I started listening to them, I was in a not so good relationship and I heard "With You" on the radio and that hit the nail on the head with me and I was hooked after that. I love listening to them and my four yr old even loves them...right now it's all about the robot songs but he will start bouncing around to all of them when I play them all on my Ipod. Okay that's about it so there it is, Later I forgot to mention that I started listening to them in 2000. Plus I think Chester is about sexy as heck....don't want to curse...

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