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Hello! im holly and im from waaaaaay dwn in south texas... my aunt was the one who introduced me 2 Linkin Park and since that day, i have been addicted 2 their music.... p.s. i like dots...........
Hi there :)

Names Alex, from Brighton UK! Been a huge fan of Linkin Park since Meteora came out, that album completely gave me a new outlook on life, and i've never looked back since! I honestly prefer the rap-metal sound from the first 2 albums, but their new stuff is still great.

I saw LP in January of 2008, at the O2 in London, amazing gig. Hope to see them many more times!! Joined LP.com today, and will be on here a lot im sure :). I used to be a member of LPU, but couldnt afford it :P ah well!

Peace xx
Hi my name is Guy and i'm from Isreal
the first song i heard of linkin park was by myself
i was abuot 12 years old (today i'm 18) at the time i loved the t.v show Dragon ball z and i happen to download a clip.
i remmber that i was soo blowen away from the song, that at the same week i went and bought Hybrid Theory.
i think my favourite album is Hybrid Theory. i have no one favourite song because i think that all the song's are realllly gooooooood. top ten: 1)In the end 2)Faint 3) By Myself 5) no more sorrow6) Hit The Floor 7)A Place For My Head 8) given up 9)Pushing Me Away 10)Wth]You.

never been to a show can't wait till they come to Isreal
thanx's for reading!
Hi everyone! I have been a fan since I first heard "Crawling" about 6 or 7 years ago. Caught the song on the internet just looking around. I have never heard the sounds that LP can make, and I never get tired of the music. I am 40 years old, married, and am the Director of several county Dept of Human Services offices in TN. Our 16 year old daughter is a huge fan too and we share our love of LP's music. I feel more alive just listening to LP's songs....it is a great feeling to sing at the top of my lungs while traveling down the road! Hope to hear from more of you soon! Kim
Hi Sue! I thought I would be the oldest FAN on this site! I'm 40 and LOVE all of the music! LOL! Anyway, we are NEVER too old to appreciate excellent music, no matter who plays/sings it...I would rather listen and sing along to LP than any other band out there. Kim

SueW66 said:
Hi I'm Sue, I'm Australian and I'm 43. I remember when LP released Hybrid Theory and i loved the songs that were released as singles. I saw them on Video Hits and Rage, but at the time the budget was too tight to just buy a CD whenever i wanted and the following year I started a uni course by distance education and didn't have time to watch TV or listen to the radio, so I got behind on the music scene. My son reintroduced me to LP when Meterora came out, and in the last few years I've bought every album I can lay my hands on, including Songs from the Underground. I joined LPU8 and rejoined LPU9 plus I have bought a heap of shirts, hoodies etc from the shop for my son and myself.

I've been told I'm "too old to be listening to that kind of music" but I don't think age has anything to do with it. I also love Muse, Dead By Sunrise, Metallica and Def Leppard and when I was younger I listened to David Bowie, Supertramp, ELO, Pink Floyd, Fleetwod Mac, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Nirvana and many others. If the music is good enough you never tire of it.
hi every one.my name is khaled i'm frome algeria .i discovered LP on tv with listenin' to my song -numb- i like linkin park so much n' my favorit song is( in the end ) .i love bayern munchen .i love chatin'.....
any one wants to talk .so i'm here
peace out all
Hey guys... I just listen to linkin park since a little boy... i just love it.....! i just singed up in the site in 2009.... Im a 15 years old boy...from Brazil.... my dream is to go in some LP show.... my god... im freaking just wondering about it.... (sorry for the bad English...)
Wats popp!n'... Y'all can call me Candy Rodr!guez"1985".... !m new to the spot... And !ve been l!sten!n' to l!nk!n park s!nce HT I actually started l!sten!n' to them cuz of my younger bro. We were at the store and I was look!n' for a cd and he told me to get LP I had never heard about them t!l' that moment( & th!s was l!ke r!ght after HT came out) so at f!rst I was l!ke na but then I f!gured hey m!ght as well and I f!gured !f I d!dnt l!ke !t I could just pawn !t off on my bro. But the moment I heard the cd I was hooked and !ve been hooked ever s!nce... They are truley amaz!n'... And truley talented...love them...
Hello my name is john i live in the united kingdom im 19 and have listened to linkin park for a few years just started listening again just got to say these guys are pure geneius hope to make some good freinds on here. : )
hello my name is joe i am 32 . i live in a small town in illinois called mattoon. i remember hearing linkin park for the first time on the radio and i was hooked! Love the sound they have. always play hard great music to get me pumped up for the day.
What's up everyone my name is Devin i'm from Mt. Kisco, NY. I've been listening to Linkin Park since they released Hybrid Theroy.
Hi I'm Dorian, I'm French (and I don't speak very well english soory). I became a fan of LP with Meteora and one song especialy "Numb". But the album Minute to Midnight have dissapointed me and I wish that the new album will be better.

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