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Hello, my name is laura, I'm 30, I'm a fan of Linkin Park since its release and I heard the song crowling after having bought hibrid theory, from there I continued to listen, I really like, my favorites are Mike and chester, many criticize the 'last one thousand cd sounds great to me is now not wait to see iridescent:) I hope it is fantastic, like all the works of Mr. Han:) I hope not now I leave you bored . kisses laura

Hi..Angie here..from Australia..yes we can hear the music from here..lol..

guess you kids can call me nanna

LP my favourite band ever and they started sending me emails when i liked them on Fb..thats how i found this place..

still havent worked out how to use it yet

Figured I gotta be hangin out with the the peeps who have the best taste in the world

Anybody wanna give me a few tips how this place works give me a hoy

love ya's all

Welcome EveryOne Enjoy you'r Staying...:) And remember Linkin Park For Ever:)

Best Band. :P 

Hey Guys and Gals, im Curt G. Been listening since 06 when a friend got me into Hybrid Theory - love the band and all the releases so far. I have been on here for ages, I just never was an active member, hopefully I can change that now.


Stay fresh, feel free to message me if you like, Curt.

I'm Bailee <3 I'm from a small town in Iowa, and I first heard the band probably the first day I came home from the hospital when I was a baby :) I grew up on LP
whats up guys! love linkin park you guys rock!

Hello to all Linkin Park supporters!

I was looking on net and found this site and i decided to join because i am very big fan of Linkin Park.

I am from Serbia, 15 years old, and i know about Linkin Park for about 3 years.

First song that i heard was New Divide or Numb (Can't remember exactly since it was long time ago).

After that i started to listen LP more often and i became big fan.

Well thats all i have to say.

What's up?! My name's Claudia, I'm from Paraguay. I have 16 years old.

¿My favorite music of Lp? Ok, my list is very long xD But in the new Album, my favorite song is "Waiting for the end"!


C'ya! :D

Hi guys!I'm Jean from the Philippines. I've been an LP fan since Hybrid theory but only joined LP's fansite later last year. I've never thought I would like LP's music after my college crush introduced me to the band,not personally of course =)..I've never been to their concert,but hoping they'll perform here..Anyways,nice to know there are may people who liked and have been inspired by the band..I wish I could be with them on tour,just wanna know how it feels to be with these amazing guys!

Oh and I love Rob Bourdon!=)

Hey, Names Jess, but people call me Scappa. I'm from New South Wales, Australia.


I discovered Linkin Park while I was on the computer one day. I was really bored and had no idea what I wanted listen to. My sister had 2 Linkin Park songs on the computer and I was like "alright, I'll give this band a try". I started listening to 'Numb' and realised it was actually a REALLY good song. I then listened to 'In The End' and also thought that was an amazing song, which is kind of weird cuz I'm not a big fan of rap music :-S. Anyway, I then went onto the internet and started listening to a few of their songs and just ended up really loving Linkin Park :-D


The first Linkin Park concert I went to was last year (11/12/2010) and I have to say, it was the BEST concert I have ever been to. I also classify it as one of the best days of my life :-DDD


That's all I can think of right now (I'll probably think of stuff later XD)

Love & Respect


Hey guys I'm Dave,

Typical mad LP fan, I love all their stuff they've done so far!

This is my first time being an LPU member and loving it so far!!

Always like to meet and talk to new people so feel free add me :) 

Anything else you want to know, just ask!


Hi everyone!

My name is Martin.  Gonzalo Martin.  I'm from Argentina , South America.  I've been member on the LP forum since a long time ago, many years, but i never posted a single word, because .. well i never knew what to say lol
I follow LP since 10 years ago, on 2001. My first Hibryd Theory was a gift from a cousin living in California. And that was the way that i knew LP at last.

Now i'm 26 and, thank god, i had the oportunity to meet the band at last in a Meet & Greet. So one of my dreams bacame true.

I'm a LP Underground Member, also member of the Street Team.   In my country, we have an Official Street Team (Argentina) supported by Warner Music Group Argentina and we let the LP local fans up to date of the last news of LP and Stuff. Our name as a fan club is  Linkin Park Argentina - "Union Soldiers".


Our Website is: http://www.linkinparkarg.com 


and we have some meets with the fans to promote the band and talk about life, about our experience during the last show of LP in our country on  Oct 7, 2010. (that was awesome) , and to do some contests always for the fans.


Hugs from Argentina!!!


- Gonzalo Martin.

gonzalo@linkinparkarg.com  (email/msn)

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