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I'm Janina (but call me Janiin), I'm from belgium. I'm studying nursing (if thats the correct word).
I discovered LP when i was 12 years old (2002) and to be honest LP changed my life.
My parents got divorsed when i was 5, but had the feeling that there was a empty hole inside me, but that all changed when i learned knowing LP.

How? I saw the videoclip In the End and I was on one instant HOOKED! their way to express themselves was a new way for me and since then when i feeling down (not only then :p) or angry or upset, LP is the only way to calm me down!

THATS WHY! I have to see them in BELGIUM! I wonna hear the chester scream in Given up, the rap from in the end, The guitar in New Divide, I wonna cry on the song My december, ...

That's my LP story! i'm glad I finally find also obsessed people! :D
hey hello LP fans!!..... my name is Jose Mario (i put both choose one haha) im 21 years old, well.. how i discovered the band?? .... oh yeah i remember that when i was a child my older bro play LP once, then i remember watched them on TV... i even remember that in that age i saw a video of LP: "in the end" ... but a tribute of dragon ball z (and the original video too) haha its was awesome !!!
its cool to be part of the LP site...... FULL LIFE TO LINKIN PARK!!
oops! by the way im from honduras ..... LP LP LP LP LP LP !!!!
Hello my name is Charles Webb and I like Linkin PArk since I heard them on the radio which was somewhere in 05 or 06. But I didnt know them until 8th grade when my frined Allen introduce me to Crawling the second tightes song I heard In The End is the first since then more friends introduce me to their songs until I downloaded all their songs from every album and learn almost every song lyrics. Linkin PArk help me in life help me from suicidal thoughts thoughts of killing other people and they inspired me to write my own raps. So thanks Linkin Park and please dont stop rapping and screaming wnat to know more talk to me
Hi, im Sigid, 26 years old and I'm from indonesia. i know lp since 2000, when my brother brought hybrid theory album in my room
Im Lino im 15 but you can call me greg :D and im INDONESIAN!

the first time i heard LP since 5years that means on 2000 and the first song i heard was NUMB and i love that song :D

my question is... when LP will release their new album?
Started with Numb & In The End but prefer other songs now for some reason (: Crawling/Bleed it out/Faint (1 from each alum :D) okay and New Divide too.

<3ed since early last year. Seems little, but let's just say (type) that my friends long-suffering-sigh whenever I talk about LP.

I knw u dont normally associate them with hawt or cute... but they are. but i liked them wayyy b4 i even knew how they looked like.

Luuvs LP fanfiction/fanart *guilty look*

I am DYING to go to an LP concert *_*

Alit (:
Luuvs guys who scream (:
Hey Folks 

My name is Lewis and I’m from Wales.

First heard LP back in 2000 when I was 10 and hybrid theory was first ever album. So I’ve listened to LP literally for half of my life. I’ll admit that throughout my teens I indulged into the world of hip-hop/rap so I sort of strayed away from LP when Meteora was released. But in the later years, like all dogs, they always find their way home.
My favourite album would be “Hybrid Theory”
My favourite song is “The Little Things Give You Away”

I delved into the message boards when I was 16ish, but the phase soon passed. But here I am again.

So Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
I just rencently found LP such a awesome band by chance when i was having a view on some music website.BUT I soon fell in love with Mike's Rapping and Chester's awesome voice.I love LP!!!!!!
I'm Paula.I'm 22 and live in Poland,Warsaw.
It's my second account here, 'cause I don't remember my last login and password. :P
I think first lp.com was better. I liked old design.
It's pity for me, but I don't remember how I discovered LP. I can only suppose I heard 'In the end' on MTV or sthlt.
Probably it is true.
And I'm still waiting for second concert LP in Poland. First was the best concert and day of my life ;]
Hey everyone, I'm Jasper. Friends call me Jaz =] And I'm from Australia.

I first heard LP when they released Hybrid Theory in 2000 (I was only 6 then =P) since my friend's older brother had gotten the album probably a week after it came to stores. I happened to hear him playing it that same day when I was visiting, and because I was so used to my dad's music collection (which included some majorly heavy stuff), so I pretty much fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. I have both Hybrid Theory and Meteora in my collection of music, along with half of the Minutes to Midnight album, and also have the Road to Revolution CD and DVD pack in Milton Keynes. Sad to say though that I haven't been able to go to a live show yet due to money and travel issues.

Also, LP are a major influence for me personally as a musician and singer in my own band, which I guess makes me a hardcore LP fan =P
Hey everyone I'm Yasheen, my friends call me Yash.
I live in Durban, South Africa (and no its not some jungle with lions running around, we have big cities!) and, well I'm your typical hardcore LP fan, and have been this way since Hybrid Theory. I haven't been able to see LP live yet (its probably my biggest dream) due to travel and money issues, however I keep my spirits up high :D.

Ummmm, my favorite songs are "Papercut", "From The Inside" and "The Little Things Give You Away" and I have to say my favorite album is Hybrid Theory :D I Like to kick it old school. Anyways thanks, and LP FTW!

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