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Hi, I'm Raven. I'm from Australia & I'm 16. 

I went to my first LP concert when I was 9 years old with my older cousin. I haven't stopped going since. I follow them everywhere I can. I go to most shows in USA, England & all in Australia. I'm always in the mosh-pit. One time I broken my nose so my nose is f***ed now but……… 

I also have a tattoo of LP on my shoulder. (check my profile for the photo if you wanna see it) I have everything of Linkin Park & I mean everything. Even a water bottle of Chester's he threw in the mosh-pit after a show. 

If people want to know how many I've actually been to all together, I've been to 21. 19 was my rough estimate on my profile. 

I'm a chatter box by the way so if I piss you off any time tell me to shut up. I don't care. 

If you wanna know more, just be my friend. 



Hey, Im victor from illinois, thats in america kids! anyway the first time I heard Lp was probably from my old friend back in like 2007, the song was in the end, I thought it was ok, but I didnt become a fan until New Divide and A Thousand Suns.

Hi! im new today and my name is Tempe Ce'zanne Edwards.  I enjoy Linkin Park's music much**  and i also enjoyed their concert as well.  I am in college, a senior with 36 more credit hours left to graduate!!  I was so lucky to get two signatures from Chester and i still have that same ticket when i went to Linkin Park's concert: Aug. 2008.  road to revolution.  it was so much fun, i had a blast. ive been a member on LPAssociation too.  Website is cool with great members!!  Message me whenever :D oh btw i'm 23 and my birthday is on April 17. :D


Hi, my name is Nenad Mitrovic but all my friends call me Mitra. I'm a Bosnian Serb from city of Sarajevo and I' ve been listening to LP for almoust 10 years. They are my favourite group and I love their every song and their every style. No matter what they do it sounds great and hatters can only keep hating. I love various music styles cuz I'm musicians as well,  that is rapper, singer, songwritter and producer. Linkin Park has a lot of fans here on Balkans. I would really love for them to come. It would be great and one of my dreams would come true. Big greetings to LP and all of their fans. RESPECT :)
Hi, My name is Tracey, I'm from Salisbury, South Australia. I've just joined LP.com although I have been listening to them for about 10yrs. I became a fan when my oldest son got Hybrid Theory, I liked it that much that he ended up giving me the cd! I love the way they mix the rap & rock together. Their lyrics mixed with Chesters amazing vocals just tops it off. Seen them live in Dec 2010 & they were just brilliant. I'm a fan for life!
hey, i'm jazz or you can call me chas
i'm from england, i'm 15 years old. i heard them in 2008 whilst i was watching transformers and got into the music :3
i haven't been to a linkin park show... YET ha
follow me on twitter and friend me on here :) www.twitter.com/jazchassweeney
Peace! xoxo
I'm JJ (my initials) and I'm from Wisconsin. I've liked LP for a few years when one of my old friends was a huge fan of them and introduced me to LP, now I like them and she doesn't.
Hi. My name is Kei. I'm from Japan. Linkin Park is the band that I am especially attached to. I went to their concert whenever they visited Japan. Of course, also in this September :D



I'm Sari from Finland, been LP fan over 10 years now ( time goes by so quickly !! O.o )

seen LP live 3 times now, last time was a week ago :) and I'm still like "Linkin Park this and Linkin Park that", can't talk about anything else ;D


anyway, now I'm here and I would love to get to know some other Linkin Park fans since I don't really know many other (at least as obsessed fans as I am).

Hi everyone !!


My name is Denise from Hannover, Germany. 

I am LP fan since many years now !!

Last seen yesterday at Hamburg :)


so, hope and love to know some other LP Fans, from Germany and all around the world :) 


Hey My Name is Bekkah but I go by Luna I know silly name.

I live in South Carolina I am now a Junior in  High School

I found LP when I was going through a hard time in my life and I felt a connection. I do like the new stuff and I don't there are songs that I love and there are others I hate.

my fave bands are GREEN DAY and 3 days grace

:) Have a good day and nice to meet you

Hi,guys!! My name is Jane, i'm a big chinese fan of LP! Sorry about my english,i am not good at it:)

I could cleanly remenber when i still in high school i bought my first tape of LP----Hybrid Theory !! BUT when i put the tape into my walkman i was shocked....because i had never listened rock before...LOL...you know, in China,rock is not popular 10 years ago...BUT soon i've drown in LP‘rock!!

i will join in LP’concert in HongKong two months later!!! i'm sooooo exciting !! 


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