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hello all...my name is clarencia sianne. you can call me clare , sianne or whatever,,,i live in jakartam indonesia.im a graphic designer... ive been LP fan about more than 10years..


i cant wait to see their show in jakarta next month..

Hello everyone,
My name is Giuseppe is writing from Ferrara in Italy,
I follow the LP almost since the beginning, and that is Hybryd Theory or A Thousand Suns, I can not do without their music:-D ...
I saw him live in London in 2008 at Imola (ITALY) this year ... They are fantastic!
Sorry for the English is not the best (Thanks to my friend Google :-D ) , but the important thing is to understand ... and this could be an opportunity to improve it:-D ...
I hope to see well with you .. ("with you" is my favorite song heh heh, too bad most do not hear it live) soon

Hey LP, started listening to your music back in '04 ish. I went to Iraq in 2005 and jammed out to your music to get pumped up before missions, and helped keep me awake and alert on patrols with my brothers, so I thank you for the awesome music. Keep cranking out killer tunes. Kevin Thornton

Hi everyone my name's Savanna, im 15, live in New Mexico and I just started here on the LP forums but have been a fan for a couple years!:) I first started liking Linkin Park when I heard New Divide on the radio and have fallen in love will all the new songs i heard from them!:D Sadly i haven't seen them play live but am dying for the day that I do!

I was really excited when i found the LP website and can't wait to meet some new friends, especially who love LP as much as me!:]

Hey guys! My name is Tanya, I'm 16 years old and I'm from Russia.
I love LP since December 2009, after I saw live New Divide (Jimmy Kimmel 22.06.2009)", almost immediately entered into LPU9 :D
LP has recently been to Russia (23 June) and I don't was there! That's sucks! -_-"But I'm proud of those who were at this concert, that staged a flashmob))) xDD


Also I love soccer! I'm fan of Spartak Moscow! :D
Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard and Roman Pavlyuchenko <33

Hi, my name is Olga, I am 28 years old, I'm from Russia ... Russia is a big country, so I think that needs to be clarified, I am from Siberia. Yes, in Siberia, are found not only bears, but fans of the LP (just kidding). Earlier, I listened only Russian music but LinkinRark opened my eyes. We thank them very much for theircreativity.

PS Flashmob was amazing!!!! Even Mike mentions it in the report about the tour.

Hello all,

My name is Chelsea, I am from Tennessee. I have been a fan of LP since Hybrid Theory was first released. I was in middle school and was 11 years old; I am now 21 and it seems like a lifetime ago. Over the years my music tastes have drifted but LP was always on the list of go-to bands. I love how creative and unique their sound is.

Being a technophobe, I am a late starter on Linkinpark.com, but I am hoping to make up for lost time, meet some new friends, and just have fun. :)


Hi everybody! I'm Amal, i'm 17 and I live in Italy...well I've been  an Lp fan since 2008, unluckily I've never seen the guys on a live stage,but i hope this will happen soon! I've just sign up on lp.com so I hope  i will meet new people from all over the world and maybe make some new friends...See you soon!

ps:excuse me  for my imperfect english :-)) 

Hello, i think i joined last week.

My name is Jin Raziel though.

I'm 12 yrs old, yes, my birthdate is a lie.


By the way i'm from Philippines [SUBIC, ZAMBALES]

I really wish i can get tickets for a good and inexpensive price.



The thread is bunching up while the sewing machine is running and causing the thread to stay in one spot and make a really frustrating mess.
Press Release Distribution


Hi :) I'm Aaralyn. I'm from Australia, first heard Linkin Park in the back of a friend-of-a-friend's car and asked them who the band was (they were playing Hybrid Theory album) because I just loved the songs and lyrics (they talked about some things I felt or said things I wished I could say - I was a very scared girl at the time, afraid of being angry but feeling it inside, lots of pain in me) and they told me Linkin Park, so I borrowed the album from the library ('cause at that stage I could only afford one album a year and my quota was already up) a fair few times.


Then Meteora came out and I loved it to bits, the lyrics so often described things I felt or thought or had felt and the music was brilliant, and that was my album of the year I bought, then the Jay-Z collaboration went on and I really didn't like it (just cos Jay-Z, whatever he's like in ordinary life as a person, in his music seems to be a nasty sort of person promoting nasty things, whereas Linkin guys seem to be very good-hearted people wanting to do good by people, so the match-up really didn't sit right with me, I couldn't stand it, sadly) so I took a detour from Linkin for quite some years.


Then I bought Minutes To Midnight about a year after it came out cos I heard some of the songs on radio and really liked them, but didn't play it until this year 'cause I was on a bit of a downward spiral at the time and didn't really listen to anything much at all (did continue to listen to Hybrid Theory and Meteora on and off, when I listened to anything), only what my then-boyfriend wanted to (which was all country songs - not my fave).


But this year I've been loving listening to all the albums I have of theirs: Hybrid Theory, Meteora, Minutes To Midnight, Out Of Ashes (Dead By Sunrise) and A Thousand Suns - love Minutes To Midnight to bits and played A Thousand Suns over and over, as well as Out of Ashes. It's helping me through a tough period at the moment, again a lot of apt and lovely lyrics and great music as well.


Best wishes to everyone, glad you enjoy Linkin Park lots too. I've never been to a Linkin Park concert before because I've been too poor (never went to any concert until very recently) but I really want to go the next time they come to Melbourne, Australia (I have a little more income at the moment, which is great! :)).



Heeelooo :) My name is Christina, I'm from small town called Serov in Russia (the Urals, Sverdlovsk Region) :) I'm 18.


Linkin Park I began to get involved when I was with relatives in Germany, they're just huge fans of LP:) unfortunately  I missed the opportunity to go to a concert when I was in Germany, but will still ahead , I'm sure:) Linkin Park without a doubt the best band and all who are here, would agree with me, right? : D I'm playing on a keyboard, but certainly not as good as Mike, I'm self-taught  and I find it difficult without the support of others :( I love to sing, to speak at small concerts in our city, of course, a huge dream to sing with LP :D But everything in life is possible:)


LP fans are the best, yeah ^_^

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