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Hey, I remember you! Glad you made your way here, and welcome to the new site! :D

Ghost-Child550 said:
I'm DJ. I was on here before but during the forum change my account was deleted in the process. I was on here as dmcmaster550. I've been a fan of the band since Hybrid Theory came out. I used to be a pretty huge fan but after I was introduced to Dream Theater, LP slowly started creeping away. Smashing Pumpkins and Iron Maiden take precedant over LP now and it's hard to listen to the bands older music cause it was too angsty. My favorite song by the band probably has to be Shadow of the Day and my favorite album Minutes to Midnight cause you can see the musical/lyrical maturity and growth in the band on that album.
Hey names Tommy 19, I'm from the US been with LP since Meteora and bought all there albums since then and I can't wait until the new album comes out
hi all... its Nafeez from Bangladesh. only thing i can say about me - i m a mad fan of LP!
Hey my name is Kirsty and I'm eighteen. I started listening to Linkin Park back when I was thirteen, so I've been a fan for five years now, probably leading on to six. As my age of listening to Linkin Park suggests, I started with Meteora and worked my way back to Hybrid Theory, before moving onto Reanimation.

I found Linkin Park through the medium of flicking through music channels. No, it wasn't the music that made me pause for thought ... it was the anime artwork. Yeah, I found 'Breaking the Habit' and paused because the artwork fascinated me. Just so happened that the music won me over too and I begged my mum for the album, for Christmas. Haven't looked back since!

I went to my first Linkin Park concert on 29th June, 2008 and it was my 17th birthday present. You could guess how syked I was when I found out my first Linkin Park was coming out on DVD! My next concert is a Dead By Sunrise gig in London next month.

Hope to have a load of fun on this site with all you other LP fans! A rare sight where I live!
hey guys,nice to meet you,im from greece and im a long time lpfan
Welcome everyone!

I'm glad you all are liking the site, and if you ever need anything please feel free to add me as a friend, or send a message! :)
My name is Owen and i have been a fan of Linkin Park since the Meteora era.
I have yet to go to a LP gig, but hopefully i will go this year when the new album is out! Oh.. and i forgot to say this site is awesome, way better then the other one!
Hello all LP fans!! My name is Dan, i am from Bournemouth, England and am currently 15 years old. I started listening to LP a couple of years ago, firstly listening to Hybrid Theory, and thought it was absolute genius! Also loved Meteora but for me my favorite album so far is Minutes To Midnight. I also love watching the Live at Milton Keynes DVD and dream of seeing the band live, i think that would be really awesome. I love playing guitar, im not that great at the moment, and am learning Dead By Sunrise's acoustic version of Let Down, i love it. So i think ive talked enough and should leave you guys to your shannanigans, see you round people!
Hi all, i`m from Kaliningrad, Russia. 18 years old. That`s all i want to say.
Hey Im Karen from Scotland,
I have loved Linkin Park for many years now, seen in concert a few times too, fantastic!
The name's Kahler, been a fan since the premiere of the One Step Closer video, own everything from their pre-LP bands up to everything that's out now. Been a touring/signed musician for awhile, would love to share the stage someday!

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