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Hi, I am from Maine, 16, call me LP T. I only started listening to Linkin Park last year, but it apparently is inherent in me to love their music, as every single song they have ever made is at least ten times better than the best song by anyone else. Glad to be on here.

Hi Chris - welcome here and I'm glad you enjoy LP too! You're one up on me - I've never met LP. :) Glad you got to :) :) :) Have a lovely day and I hope you make some nice friends here :) :) :) Aaralyn

C.Mayrink said:

My name is Chris I'm Brazilian girl and live in my country.

Well I saw Transformers and loved the soundtrack and met LP.
Since then I can not hear anything else. I compare it with the sound of the LP. I love these guys.

I hope for them in Brazil!!! o.o

Hi Julia! Welcome here :) :) :) I'm still waiting to see LP live also - hope we both get to soon :) :) :) Glad you found out about all LP's great songs, not just Numb (that has been one of my favourites of theirs for ages too!!!!). Hope you make some good friends here and enjoy your time here. Aaralyn.

Hi Katrin :) :) :) Hope you're having a good day - nice to see someone else writing on here :) :) :) Aaralyn

Hi Anisa - nice to meet you! I hope you enjoy your time here, and I'm glad you're an LP fan too :) :) :)

Hi Cat :) I've been a fan since Hybrid Theory too! There's not many bands that manage to keep me interested through all their albums, but I love all their studio albums (not real fond of the stuff with Jay-Z or Reanimation, but plenty are, so that's okay ;)). Can't wait til their next one - wanna see what they will do!!! :) :) :) Hope you make some good friends here :) :) :) Aaralyn

Cat M. said:

Hey, I'm Cat. I've been a fan since their Hybird Theory album release in 2000. My brother was listening to them, so naturally I had to copy him. They've been my favourite band since then. Honestly never thought my attention span would last this long for anything, but I love their music and the evolution of their songs.

Hi to you too - hope you enjoy yourself here and maybe make some friends if you like :) Aaralyn

iPod Addicted 17 said:


Hi Maine - nice to meet you. I think their songs are great too! Hope you enjoy yourself here and make some nice friends. :) Aaralyn

Hey. :D You can check my art blogs on my profile and comment them. And I have one advice for you: be yourself and you get friends easily. :D
Katrina. B said:

For anyone who is new or struggling to make friends, please come join my group and share your love for LP.Share whatever stuff you want, it may be pics or art work.Tell your stories of going to live shows or meeting LP.

I'm new on here and  found it difficult to find people to talk to so i would like to thank the first person who wanted me as friend.

THANK YOU EMILIANA from estonia.

Hey thanks. You know, it`s great to see people,who are very active here. :D
Aaralyn D said:

Hi Katrin :) :) :) Hope you're having a good day - nice to see someone else writing on here :) :) :) Aaralyn

My name is Anja, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Denmark :) I've been listening to LP since I was about 11 years old. It all started when I watched a musicvideo countdown show on TV where they showed In The End which became the first LP song I ever heard and since then I've been hoocked! LP meant a lot to me when I was younger (They still do!!!) and was being bullied a lot. It wasn't populair in any way to listen to that kind of music back then so a lot of kids teased me. I didn't care, and in that way LP's music gave me a lot of confidence and tought me to don't give a shit about what others thought of me. LP made me happy, they still do and there's no way I would ever give that up! :D

Ups this is getting long....

Any way I finally got to se LP live in Denmark in 2010! The best day ever, I was standing all the way up front and had a perfect view of everything! xD The next time they come around, I'll be there!

My favorit song is Papercut (like them all, but if I could only choose one) and my favorit album is Minutes to Midnigt :) Although all the albums and songs are super good in their own uniqe way :)

Greetings from an huge LP fan from Denmark!

No worries, and I agree wholeheartedly :) :) :) Hope you're having a nice one :)

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