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The Fresh Meat discussion is a place to introduce yourself to the LP Community, whether you're a brand new fan or a long time supporter of Linkin Park.

Tell us who you are, where you're from, and how you discovered the band! Feel free to include any other information you'd like to share.

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Yeah, it's great not to worry about what other people think of you, to just be yourself instead. :) Sorry you were bullied though - it's no fun (I was bullied a bit too). Nice to meet you - I hope you enjoy your time here and make some lovely friends :) Glad you got to see LP live!!! I'm still waiting ;) Anyway, see you around (and I can talk a lot too, but it's nice to hear what you have to say :) :) :)). Have a good one! Aaralyn

Hello im Ian 
16 years old :D 


Welcome! :D

Ian Nainggolan said:

Hello im Ian 
16 years old :D 


Hi Ian - hope you have some fun here and make a few good friends if you wish. Nice to meet you here :) :) :) Enjoy!

hello everyone, i am here to let anyone in the community know, that maria a grier  better known to you guys as  SOUNEIK,  has passed on.  She commited suicide  on 1/12/12 ,  i am not sure how much she visited here, but i do know she loved it here, and was also a part of things going back in 2009 , and got featured on this site as a great beatmaker,  and she truely was.  She will be sadly missed.   anyone that was her friend on here, im sure she would want you to know, so if you have been trying to contact her and got no response, this is why.   and im sorry to have to tell you this.




thanks guys nice to meet u all :)

Aaralyn D said:

Hi Ian - hope you have some fun here and make a few good friends if you wish. Nice to meet you here :) :) :) Enjoy!

hi guys .. I'm nisa. I'm 18 years old and I'm an indonesian. I've been a LP fan since 2006.

Welcome Nisa!

thanks ..

TEAM LP said:

Welcome Nisa!

I'm very sorry about Maria - I hope you are keeping okay and looking after yourself well. I did not know her well but I'm sure many will miss her here. Best wishes, Aaralyn



Welcome from me, too, Nisa! Nice to meet you - hope you enjoy it here and make some nice friends :) :) :) Have a nice day :) Aaralyn

Hello I FROM INDONESIA ...I LOVE LINKIN PARK I hope the LP does not change and change again and the work will support your INDONESIA

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