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We used to take exercise with that song!

Doro Herbst said:

Excuse me, but how can u dance to LOATR?

Simona Gioè said:

Hi everyone! :D
My name is Simona (but call me just "Simo") and I'm from Italy!
I'm 16 y.o. and I started listening to Linkin Park's music a few years ago (maybe I was 12), during a dance class. We were stretching and they were playing Leave Out All The Rest. I fell in love.
And I'm still in love with them! *__*
So... I hope I introduced myself well :)


Ahh, okay, that makes scence. Cool! :)

hi everyone i am allian bern fuentes from philippines. i have a page and i admin it all alone and it got 1,700 likes :) . please like my page www.facebook.com/kf90a..

the very first song i heard from LP is numb.. but i became a fan on the album minutes to midnight.. my favorite song is given up :)

Hello everyone, its nice to meet you all, Im new to the forum but Ive been a big Linkin Park fan since the beginning. A friend of mine let me listen to Hybrid Theory when it came out, and I was immediately a fan, so I went out and bought the album and since then Ive been a huge fan, I have all their albums, and the guys are so talented at making music!

Hey everyone! My name is Sam and I live in Illinois, USA. I am new to linkinpark.com as of today (July 17, 2012!) I am a fairly new fan of Linkin Park. (My friend got me into them back in late May / early June.) My favorite song by them is probably either Papercut, I'LL BE GONE, or Waiting for the End.

Yoooo! I'm Scyte! (not my real name unfortunately) I've been a Linkin Park fan since i was, what, 8-9? at least right after minuts to midnight came out. I found out about Linkin Park from a friend right after i moved to Norway, who is not really a fan himself, well he doesn't really like to listen to music so yeah he's boring...

at first i only like the music, of course i was to small to understand the lyrics... but yeah, as years passed i started to get more into the band (somewhat because i started to understand the songs....) And after Living Things, i just couldn't let go. I've know about LP.com for a while, but been to busy to explore it fully :/

I don't really know what my favorite song is... it kinda comes and goes.... yeah.. but the most listened album is Living Things <3 Linkin Park needs to make another European Tour! >:(

Hey, I'm Hannuah fom Germany and I'm 14 years old. I love LP since I listened to them 5 years ago. Maybe my english is a little bit awkward but I hope you understand it anyway ;) I'm really happy to be a piece of the LP community :)I hope LP visit us here in germany still in '15 when I'll be 16-17years old ,so that I'm able to visit LP- concerts... can't wait!Love the multiplicity of the band and I love Chester's Style, Mike's Artwork and the personality of the other bandmembers! :)
Peace :*

Yo, I'm Riley (people call me by my middle name), I'm 17, and I've been listening to Linkin Park all my life. My brother lent me all their CDs and I eventually got my own copies. I'm from the states and I play guitar :)

Hi,my name is Sylvia. I guess I always liked Linkin Park's music. 'The End' realy hit me. But now I've decided to become a fan... So here I am :-)

Hi all, name's Vik,just signed up, but long time LP fan (ever since I first heard 'In the End' on the radio about 10 years ago.) Quick question though: How do you start a discussion? I signed up to post a question on the forum, but have no idea where the button to start a new discussion it! (Yes, I am thoroughly embarrassed)

Hello all,

My name is Richard, and I have been listening to LP from whenever it was still Xero and then Linkin Park before they became popular and Hybrid Theory went viral... I have bought every album of the bands more than once, like most, but have resorted to just listening to the digital copies since I don't want to damage them any further.

I know this sounds really cliche' and typical of most diehard fans at some point.... but I feel that LP saved my life back in 2004 with Meteora... The whole album resonated with me in one of my darkest times in ways that it probably shouldn't have, but it made me feel hope whenever I felt I had none... I hadn't listened to the album in a long time, and I had moved to a small town hours away from everyone I loved for a girl I was dating at the time. She left me for some college stoner the day I moved there, and I couldn't go to anyone for help as I had no means of communication. All I had was my cd player, my binder full of cds, and a mattress in a 2 bedroom apartment. I lost about 60 pounds (from 170) due to malnutrition and had thought really seriously about killing myself before listening to the cd for the first time since living there.

Again, this sounds whiney, and woe-is-me, and emo like, but this was about or over 8 years ago. Anyways, listening to that album and a few choice tracks from Hybrid Theory helped me feel like I could "heal from within" and accept responsibility for certain things that most would blame others for. I owned my life, and became my own person for the first time in my life, I had my own identity. I say it was because of Linkin Park, and because of Meteora... but I think that it was just the catalyst (see what I did there?) to helping me create a mantra of self worth, taking life into my own hands, and starting life anew.

I haven't been to a single Linkin Park concert, though I have tried to...something always comes up right as I am about to buy tickets that requires my money more... I would to meet the band members and talk with them for a day about their lives, influences, and what helps them stay together and keep it together. Hell, I would just love to talk to them over skype.

But, I am a realist, and I realize that they, too, are very busy with their lives, their music, their work and their families, and I would never want to take them away from that for a moment... I just hope this finds them at some point and can make them smile knowing that they made a difference in my life, if not anyone else's.

Keep it real LP, I love all your work... Fort Minor needs some new goodies :) so does Julien-K... can't get enough of you guys!

your welcome i'v been a LP fan for years and they just keep getting better and better they are my all time heros help me through some really tough times and i want to thank you guys you are an amazing band and please don' every give up...

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