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How do I start a new topic in the forums on this? I've been looking everywhere and haven't found anything.

RobSSC said:

How do I start a new topic in the forums on this? I've been looking everywhere and haven't found anything.

Yeah, I can't figure that out either!

Vik Patcha said:

RobSSC said:

How do I start a new topic in the forums on this? I've been looking everywhere and haven't found anything.

Yeah, I can't figure that out either!

Pretty lame hah

hi there, am new here. would like to share this link to this video to you guys. would love to have the linkin park members to watch this girl made her own rendition of IN THE END in the XFACTOR PHILIPPINES CONTEST. This girl is amazing. she has a beautiful voice and can make any songs her own rendition. Her name is KZ TANDINGAN


Hello I dont know if im writing in the right place but anyhoo, hiii im claire im 23 from England im about 20 mins from Manchester, thats the closet place most people have heard of :), I loved Linkin Park for years iv listened to them all through my teens i remember the first time i saw them on tele and the video One step closer and i fell in love and every song after that has been just as good! Iv seen them live which is absoloutley amazing!! I cant upload any piccys at the min because im on an i pad and for some reason it dosnt seem to like it, but like to say hello to everyone who loves LP as much as me because although my brother likes them iv never really meet someone who loves them as much so be good to chat to people who think the same about them x

Hi there

I've just signed up, now that I finally upgraded to Chrome, I can get on here!! Anyways, I'm Michelle, I'll be 28 before the end of the year (EEK!). I live in Christchurch, New Zealand; have been a fan since I first watched the video for 'Crawling'! :)

Hi, my name's Christine. I'm a long-time fan but first time poster.

The first time I heard Linkin Park I didn't like them, but this had more to do with how I heard them. It was 2001, I was 13 and I had fallen asleep with the radio on. Around 3am I was woken very suddenly by Crawling coming on. I don't know about anyone else, but just after I've woken up I'm not really capable of any kind of coherent thought and I just couldn't understand any of the words of the song. So I sat there, in a state of mild panic and confusion, some guy on the radio was screaming at me and I couldn't understand him. I turned it off and went back to sleep. A few days later I heard Crawling again, and I was awake this time and I liked it. A bit later on I caught One Step Closer, which was number 1 (i think) on Rage. That year I bought Hybrid Theory with my allowance and I've been a fan ever since.

This isn't my first time on the site, I remember checking it out way long ago after buying Hybrid Theory. I'm happy I came back.

Hi! I´m Sophie and I´m from Germany. I´m 15 and a fan for 2 years now. But i haven´t been on a concert :-(. But at the next germany concert i´ll be there!!

Hey guys what's up? My name is Jd and I'm a big LP fan.

Hey guys! My name is Julian Wilson and I am a huge fan of Linkin Park, and have been ever since I was a child. I am 17 turning 18 and I actually am starting work on an album myself. I have a song out already that I recorded with a couple of friends and it's called "Don't Run." It's on YouTube so you guys are free to check it out if you so wish! My life time dream is to meet and by a miracle collaborate with LP on a song lol. Far-fetched to the max but I am not afraid to admit it! :D It's nice to meet all of you. :D

HI, I'm new here. Have always liked Linkin Park but never joined a fan forum before 'til I entered the Indaba remix competition. It's great to be here and I'm off to have a look around the site and see what's happening. I generally like spening all my time remixing other peoples songs. I made a dance electronic remix of Lost In The Echo. I asked in my song description whether Linkin Park fans like this style of music and stated that I'd like to find out. So if any of you have the time to listen to my remix then feedaback of any kind would be more than appreciated, best regards, Duncan (Gridkeeper). Link to my remix of Lost In The Echo http://awe.sm/o5Ba3

Hello there,

I am new here, seems i got time enough these days ;-)
I am from the Netherlands and discovered Linkin Park in, i think it whas in 2000 when in the end came out here. I whas 36 then. Always whas a late bloomer... anywho, i am a proud mother and i came here because on facebook there are a lot of fake LP add's. And i like to stay genuin. Sorry iff my english is not that good anymore..i am just beïng me lolll. Thanks for the warm welcome and for sharing all the awsome things over here ;-) Bye for now ♥

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