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Hi, I`m Mary. I`m 19 and I`m from Ukraine, have no idea if there`s somebody from around here in the group, are you?? It all started from Crawling, in 2006, yes, rather late, sorry but my mum didn`t want me to listen to the good music like that, I heard it for the first time and it sucked me into the rest of the songs. Totally adore LP since then.

Hi guys! I'm a Brazilian soldier (my english is kinda bad) I'm a fan of Linkin Park since I was 8 years they met in 2008 when my colleague lent me the album Hybrid Theory him ai liked listening to me and then wanted to know more Linkin Park songs and researched more such. =)

hi yes i have 1 quston is linkin park going to be on tour in the uk next year

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm one of those weird people who listened to Linkin Park's new stuff first and fell in love with that and then grew to love their old stuff. Linkin Park is my muse and my savior. This is the first time I really want to be a part of a community online.

My name is Leia Elly Sniper. I'm from Sabah, Malaysia. Linkin Park had been my most love band since I was 12.. I love the way they singing. I think I'm possibly just like them. Many friends and family said I'm a crazy as they in the video, either in concert.. My dressing, my hair style similiar to Chester.. Who said girl must be a ladylike, must not follow the trend of LP. I made it, and people tag me as black-metal bad girl..

Hhh.. Well, I join to this site hopefully can make friends just like me just like LP. I want to be a part of this Community. I wanna say I LOVE You, LINKIN PARK. I support you guys from hair to toes, from skin to bone, ashe to dust, steel to rust...


hi, my name is vika from Indonesia. i'm a new fan of LP :D

actually, i knew LP since i was a little girl... i knew some of their songs and i love it, but didn't really care about the band

i was not really their fan until i came to their concert in Jakarta 2011. i came because i was curious how their live performance is...

the concert was awesome !!! really!! i got a chill when i heard chester screamed live!! after that, i officially became LP's fan.... now, i am not just love their songs... but i am crazy about them !!! crazy about chester especially~ :D

ok, that's my story :)

hello,I'm Meklit and I'm 19 years old. I'm from Ethiopia.

I started listening to linkin park five years ago. My first song was In The End and I never stopped listening to Linkin Park after that. They are the best band in my rock world.
I've never seen Linkin Park perform live because they never performed in Ethiopia. but some day i wish that they would come here.

hi my name is jenny and I wanna say to sorry that I wride in german!!!
I hope my english is good enough to tell my feelings right. I´ve been a fan from LP since I heard "one step closer" 12 years ago and I thought WOW there is a lot of power behind the voice and a very hot rap.
That was amazing. Electro beats and metal waves.
I´ve never heard before. I wanna say Thank you very, very much to bring us this good music.
Your music helped me in a very difficult time in my life and gave me power to stand up again. Now I´m 26 years old and your old and new songs make my work easier every night. THX. And next year you will come back to germany so I hope. I will hear you live, thats my biggest wish!!!
Your jenny

Hi! I'm Jason! I'm 15 years old and I'm from the Philippines. I started to listen to LP since 11 years ago and my first song that I heard is "In The End". My first music video that I watched is also "In The End" because I remember that my brother and I watched this on MTV Philippines and he played it on our stereo and I thought that my brother is also a LP fan because when I played "Papercut" and "One Step Closer" on my BlackBerry, he sings it! My Linkin Park CD's: Living Things and Minutes To Midnight (tour edition)
BTW, sorry for my bad English but sometimes, I can speak correctly! :)

Hi guys
im Elaheh 18 Years,and joinded old is 6 Years.
I from Iran,I am LP's crazy fan.
I Always listen to lp's songs,I love lp , I hate Justin Bieber and Adam Lambert. :-)
Lp can's coming to Iran Because iran is religious,Despite these limitations I LOVE LP

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