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hey i haven't been on in a about two years. i love linkin park. papercut is my favorite song. i've seen them six times, though not recently. i wanna meet other linkin park fans. most people in my area will agree that they're good, but no one loves them as much as i do. i hope everything is well with you all.

any fans near cincinnati ohio hit me up! actually all fans hit me up. can't wait for the new LP record.
hey I'm Erinlouise (ezza, from the old LPN) I'm from australia, and have been a fan on and off since 2001 but only a member of the LPN since 2007....i had no internet connection or computer for that matter that could handle the site XD and i was really pissed when i found out that LP had played at rod laver arena in Melbourne about a week before my english exam in 2007... Gah i dont like living in the country not many international acts i like come up here :( ...anyways XD....
i used to get shit at school for one thing or another and the first time i heard that riff in one step closer i was hooked on their stuff, because it was so different to the other mainstream stuff (eg boybands) and the lyrics and the music really got to me because it made me feel not so alone...
Name: Alyssa
Nickname: Aly
Country: Philippines

How did I discovered LP?
=I discovered LP through their hit song/ music video of "In the End." I was still a child when I saw this video. It has strike my mind for two months because I really liked the mixture of the rapping of Mike Shinoda and the voice of Chester Bennington. This is also the reason why I and my sister have memorized the whole lyrics of this song. Honesty, I can't even count how many consecutive weeks it has been on the chart in MTV Phil. After that, I already liked their following songs. We have purchased the Hybrid Theory and the Meteora because we really enjoy LP.
When I saw Mike Shinoda on Fort Minor, I thought LP was already over. I felt really depressed. I don't want LP to break. Thank God, that's not true. They are still alive. Their Minutes to Midnight album proves that one true. The tracks in that album were good but I cannot say they overwhelm me that much. They are good but compared to their previous album, I think that their previous album is much better than this one. Indeed, this album shows what LP is all about and how creative they can really be, but for me, the impact Hybrid Theory and Meteora is much better than this album. Don’t worry, I also love this album. I treasure every album of LP. For me, they are the best alternative rock band in the world. No other bands can get that from them. Their music is way beyond other alternative bands. Its level is incomparable. They are the best that’s why they are my favorite band. ;)
Name: Christina
Country: Switzerland

How i discovered LP?
Well, my first song was In The End, which i listened. also watched the video at the same time. i was totaly surprised from it, so i felt in love with it ( is still do) i couldn't wait to buy the CD. when i've got it so can't never stop to listen the song all the time.

At this moment. i searched all thing about Linkin Park. Infos, News, Pics everything.
So now, i'm almost obsessed
i saw them live second times. AWESOME! ^^
Names: Sarah, Sez, Bear, Itty Bitty
Country: Australia

LP came into my life many moons ago.... i heard One Step Closer and thought "these guys sound pretty cool", but after Crawling came out i was completely and utterly hooked. i saw them play live in my home town of Melbourne in 2007, not the show where Chester broke his wrist however that was the second night...
their music has helped me through tough times as well as many great times. i'm forever a fan and to prove it i got these words; "Everything I Thought It Would Be Is Nothing Like It Is" tattooed on my back (that's inside Meteora). =D
hi, my name is Erin, from Indonesia..
i discovered LP through their song entitled one step closer and it was 9 years ago.. and of course i still fall in love with LP until now.. ;D great job guys, you are awesome!!
hey! omg...wot t say!!!! i love lp only got i t dem recently, went t c transformers movie with the kids n loved the soundtrack but didnt really look in t lp den heard new divide for the 2nd movie liked it n decided t c wot else dey hav done......fell soooooo in love with every song so went n got the albums! signed up t lpn n met some cool people (whom i cant find now im on dis new site) and so discovered some other bands. im prob one of d oldest on dis site but dont let that scare ya!! if u wanna know more....look me up! LP........tanx for d gr8 music but PLZ,PLZ,PLZ come t ireland really soon!!!!!!
Hi, my names is Dmitrij and I'm from Visaginas, Lithuania. 15 years old. LP fan about 7 years.
Hey, it's Pablo here, from Spain!

I've been a true "silent fan" (not participating in forums, thing I'm gonna start changing!) of LP since the release of the single "In the end", when LP started to sound more and more in the spanish radio. After that, I had the day of my life when I saw them live at the RDS Arena in Dublin, June 2008. Sadly the same year, I missed their concert in Madrid, since I was having my final exams at the university! Now I'm just so looking fordward for them to come to Spain again, a thing they don't do as often as we spanish LP fans would like! Meanwhile, there is not a single day in my life that passes by without a LP song in it! I can really say, there is a LP song for every of the big issues that goes on in my life at all times. It's like, they reach me and my feelings, no matter what they sing about.

Thanks LP for being there ;)

Cheers from Spain!!
Hi everyone! I'm Balázs from Hungary. My name is a bit difficult to pronounce, so my American english teacher calls me Raven. The first Linkin Park song I've heard was Hit The Floor. It drastically changed my music style and my wardrobe. LP is the only thing that can cheer me up, when I feel bad. By "feel bad" I mean death wish.

PS: Looking forward for the next song, and the new Album! And thanks for releasing New Divide on my 18th birthday!
Hiii, I've been an [LP] fan for 5 years and I'm new to the website XD Can't wait for the new album!

my name ist Barbara, but I'm called Babs. I am from Germany, Bavaria, near Munich.
I became a Linkin Park fan not long ago, when I first heard Shadow of the day. Since then I bought their cds and was at the concert in Munich in 2008 and this was the best concert I've ever been to! It still makes me smile to just think about it! I even bought my first fan shirt.

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