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Uh... hi?

Anyways, my name's Parker, I'm 13, and I started listening to LP around 3-4 years ago...

Sadly, I have never seen LP live, nor have I actually been able to BUY a CD...

The funny thing is, I showed my Cousin Linkin Park via the interwebs, and he has EVERY SINGLE CD TO DATE, while I only have a few songs on iTunes... (I hate you, little-to-no allowance)

But I really enjoy the songs Faint, Numb, From the Inside, Pushing Me Away, Somewhere I Belong, etc.

Basically, my favorite album is Meteora.
My name is danny and I'm from England :). I have been a member of linkin park for as long as i can remember but i have not got into the forums yet, even when i was a member of LPU last year! But now i want to join the forums to shear my thoughts and opinions and meet more hardcore LP fans :).

I first discovered the band when my friend played their songs in his car a few years ago, after that i was instantly addicted to them :].

I have tickets for the upcoming tour on November 9th in birmingham and I'm SOOOOOOOOOO excited :).

My favorite LP song at the moment is 'Somewhere i belong' but don't hold that against me as it changes on a daily basis haha :)

Thats about it :)
hai everyone!
im Jessica, huge huge huge fan of linkin park.im so excited ... newbie sprit here!
i cant wait til they come out with their new zbulm i ve been waiting forever!!
Linkin park is growing on me! I used to stay far away from it but ive given in :) Any recommendations of songs/albums to check out first?

(if you have time please check out and vote for my linkin park remix http://www.indabamusic.com/submissions/show/22914)

Awww thank you =)
ok i'm here for a few weeks now but never really introduced myself. (even though i tell a lot about myself in my profile but heeeey thats what forums are for right? right!)

I'm Nadia Lisa, but everyone(!) calls me Lizzi or Liz. I'm open and very very friendly - as long as you're friendly towards me.
I'm from Germany, I'm 20 years old and my birthday is August 18th. I'm a leo! rawr! ;D

So.. Linkin Park huh?
When i saw Linkin Parks first Video to "One Step Closer" I was 11 years old i guess. 11 years old and confused! At that time i loved the song (my mum freaked out when she found out btw) but i was scared to watch the video because of mike shinoda xD He scared the hell out of me with his strange faces he was making lol
Anyways, i decided to love LP from that day and i stopped listening to boybands xD With Linkin Park i found a new love: Nu metal and rockmusic. I started to listen to Limp Bizkit, Korn, Papa Roach, ect... My mother wasnt very happy about it - but i was :D The more i pissed off my mum the more i loved it. When LP released "In The End" i had a crush on Mike xD I can't help it he's cute lol
Well my first Linkin Park concert was January 20th 2008 in Frankfurt, Germany. It was an amazing experience and the second i was at home i started (dont laugh!! xD) crying cause Linkin Park kinda helped me through a rough time. Their music has been a great support for me and their music is still helping when i dont feel good. I know to some of you it sounds ridiculous, but when you have nobody, you stick to the music/band you love - and in that case it was linkin park. My second concert was the 28th of June 2008. Project Revolution in Düsseldorf, Germany. After the concert i was smiling and crying at the same time again lol I was so happy i was in the first row, i just couldnt believe it. A friend of mine called me "the new sun" lol
Next Concert was July 30th 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany. It was a horrible day because we came much too late with no chance of being in the first 50 rows. And when I wanna see linkin park, then its not from the 2371683591st row!!!! I was in a really bad mood, and then 5 minutes before Linkin Park came on stage they opened the barrier and let a few more fans in to have a chance to see linkin park from a better place. when i was finally in i had to scream because i was so happy and reliefed! In the middle of that concert a few unfamiliar guys came up stage and it turned out to be dead by sunrise lol it was awesome seeing them too! (when dbs came to germany i saw them in cologne - people were shit but dbs was awesome! i touched chester btw but anyways lol not important xD)
next time i'm gonna see lp is the 27th october this year and i'm very very excited :D

result: i LOVE linkin park and they will always be my #1 favourite band of all time.

Sooooo i guess i wrote so much that nobody is going to read all of this right? xD
But hey thats just me
I've been trying to find you :( It took me a few days before I even thought of this place again.

I miss you, and everyone that used to occupy endless nights on this place.

Sorry about the mushy message, but I'm quickly learning that good friends are hard to come by and this is the only place that I ever felt that I really fit in. So much has happened to me in the last 2 years, I want to tell you all :)

Lyndsay Harrow said:
Hey Dan. :'D
So... the old site went? :(

Lyndsay, I'm 20... probably wont be online much but yup. Figured I'd say Hi.
Hi , i am nitish,
an indian and wont be able to describe you how much big , a fan am i, of yours.I like all your songs.The intensity of ur tracks cant be found anywhere else.I want to seriously tell you that in India where music comes much later in priorities, development and infrastructure growth being the top, music fans still love you.You are the most listened international band in here.I wanna frankly tell you that i never bought a track or cd of yours nor on internet or anywhere else. We dont have money to spend on things like music here, so i have copy pasted all ur mp3s from somewhere or else. Though i am resolute that i will pay genuinely for each track i have listened when i start earning myself but till then i am sorry that i will be forced to listen to ur songs illegaly. I dont know how much i will have to pay if i am sued(:P) but still i love u guys so much that i cant resist you.
Thank you to bear with me.Best of luck \m/
Hi I'm Valeria, I have 20 years and I'm from Argentina, I am new to ak for many years ... I hear LP, I am presenting my sister and I loved .. hehe ... well that's all ^ ^ kisses
Wassup my name is zach im 16 and i have been following Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory =) LP 4ever!!! and L.A. Kings!!!!!
Hi Guys, my name is Andy and I'm from Liverpool in the UK and I only found LP back in '04/'05 When Numb/Encore was all the rage, and have Followed LP ever since, Still haven't been to my First LP concert but I may go to one very soon (Only Because I've never been to any sort of concert and am a bit worried of what to expect:P)
Hey my name is John I have never been able to go to one of their shows neither so yeah PEACE!!!!!

AllNurote said:
Err...my name is Allison, call me All. I'm seriously unhealthily (is that a word? whatever, I'm freaking excited right now) obsessed with LP. I'm only 16, so I started listening for Meteora. :) But I think I've caught up nicely. No, I've never seen LP live...mainly because of money issues and my anxiety. (I'm convinced I would shat myself if I went to an LP concert.) Umm...I love the Internet...talking to people...so yeah. :D http://mikeshinodaftw.wordpress.com <--Just pics of Mike...and I love Wordpress. :P


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