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Hi my name is David i have bin a fan of linkin park 12 years i live in England my favorite songs are numb, lave out all the rest, new divide, braking a habit, burn it down, castle of glass, i'll be gone, powerless, faint, crawling, somewhere i belong,shadow of the day, with you, runaway. the sad thing is i have never seen them live because i have not had the money to do it i would like to even if i have to go to america to do it witch will take me a long time but i think it will be worth it. and it wolud be cool if they were with muse again

Hey. Im Sandra Marie from Ostfold, Norway. Discovered LP last spring for real. A friend of mine, Martin listen to it all the time and now I just LOVE IT!!!!!!

Cant wait if they can come to NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everyone.... My name is Angelica... 16 years of age.
Linkin park has been my buddy in my growing up years... I don't know how I started to know of them for I was so young then. All I could remember was that every single day, when i was just maybe 4 or 5 years old, i would listen to Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory album. And because of that, I memorized the songs without even noticing it. I've been a fan ever since and I'm pretty obsessed with them. I've never seen LP live.

AND NOW, they're gonna have a show here in my country...

the bad news...

I CAN'T GO... Not just because of money, it's just because the city where I am now is so far from the center, MANILA, and i'm a freshman in college so i couldn't afford to miss any class. And of course my parents wouldn't let me miss my class.

dude. I cried for like days.. pretty depressed.. :(

Hello everyone!

Nice to see that there is a forum. Iv been listening to Linkin Park for a long time, I felt like i should stop when a thousand suns came out nowadays I enjoy listening to the old albums with new attitudes.

My favourite one is Minutes to Midnight. Would be nice to engage in discussions here.

Hey, I'm Cassandra currently hailing from the beautiful state of Colorado.
This is the story of my introduction to LP:
I heard the song breaking the habit many times on the radio, and it caught my attention, I was in middle school at the time, and we had to choreograph a dance for PE. Me and some other girls threw out a few song ideas. I suggested breaking the habit, then another girl suggested one step closer. We choreographed to that song, but until it was pointed out that both songs were by the same artist, I hadn't noticed. I then looked up what all they sang and realized I'd been their fan unknowingly for a while.

Gidday out there!

Chrissy here - an Aussie now based in the UK, (went on a 'world adventure' and kinda stopped here)

I've been following LP for ages, but have only just dabbled in the whole connectivity thing - it's awesome!

My first intro to the music was 'Crawling' - from that I was captivated by the lyrics and variety of musical expressions LP seem to have brought forth over the years, still keeps me hooked.

After looking around other sites, the community here seems great - looking forward to being around.

*waving with incredibly long arms so you can all see me*

hey guys!
I'm Brianna.
god, I haven't used a forum in forever, bear with me.
anyway, I'm your typical US fan from the east coast, following a childhood band and hoping to see them live one day.
My first song I heard by them was 'Numb' on a mixed CD my parents used to play every time they brought me with them to pick up work.
Looking forward to meeting you all c:

whats up parkers

and im a HUGE linkin park, like kinda obsessive haha

i've seen them live twice and even got myself into a meet and greet :D
would love to see them in concert again real soon, which is probably gonna happen in Germany as they never
come play in the country i live in - insert sad face -

i hope to meet some epic linkin park fans on this official place haha

p.s. can people message each other privately on this website through a pm system or something?

Hi I'm Fly, Not so much fly now - the ageing process is a bummer. It comes to all of us unless you plan to die young lol
I'm from the middle of sunny England and literally fell in LOVE with LP when I first heard my son play Hybrid Theory when it first came out in 2000. It pierced my heart and I was smitten. Loved LP ever since. Seen them live at the LG Arena Birmingham.
Words fail me. THEY WERE EFFING AWESOME!! Went to Download 2013 and wasn't planning to go to 2014 but somehow my son and I have to scrape the doe together to be there now LP are featuring. Hope to see some of you there...................

i am happy to see this forum i am LP fans, i love their music, by the way i am carla live in boston simple lady who love listen music, newbie in forum discussion.

Wow, so many awesome replies in here!

Seriously can't believe we're almost to 100 pages. With the new album info just released, I'm sure we'll see many more new members joining up. I can't wait, and a another huge WELCOME to everyone!

Hello, All.

My name is Joel and I have been a fan of Linkin Park since their New Divide single (five years ago).

My number one favourite song by Linkin Park is Castle Of Glass, not only because of how fun it is to listen to but also because of the very inspirational lyrics. My other favourite songs by them are Rebellion, Guilty All the Same, Wastelands, Somewhere I Belong, Papercut, Numb, New Divide, From the Inside, Bleed it Out, Until It's Gone, Burn it Down and Crawling. My favourite album is Meteora.

I have never seen Linkin Park perform live nor have I joined an LPU year before. But I'm planning on joining LPU 14 and seeing Linkin Park perform live on their Hunting Party World Tour in Melbourne.

That's all for now, bye :)

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