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Hello, my name is Luz Nidia, I´m from Colombia, I live in Bogotá, I´m a systems engineer and I love linkin park´s music. I discovered LP when I bought a CD/DVD called "Linkin Park Live in Texas", It was 2003, I guess.
I want to go to a concert that´s why I´m thinking about to go to Sao Paolo Brasil (SWU Music & Arts Festival) or Santiago de Chile (Maquinaria Festival) but It would be easy for me if you come to Colombia :) .
Why don´t you think about it?.
Hey All, I be Zachary, Zarenor to most on the interwebs

I've been listening to LP since 2005-ish, and now absolutely love the band; I haven't made it to a show yet, but I'm planning on one as soon as there's another one nearby

I'm really talkative, and can talk about almost anything, so feel free to message me (I am a bit spotty on the online times, so don't be surprised if it takes me a while to respond)

Hi everyone, I'm Marta and I'm from Italy :) I've been a LP fan since 2001; I remember the moment, I was 13 when I heard for the first time "in the end"... I fell in love with LP immediately =)
I want to go to a concert but noone wants to come with me :(

greetings Marta =)
Hie, Im Nonhlanhla from Zimbabwe you can all call me Nonnie.... l am absolutely obssessed with LP. I have never been to a live LP show and my guess is if l dont move to another country l might as well forget about seeing them Live!
So, l am 22 and l started listening to LP when l was like 13 or so... Gosh, l will just faint if l get to see them live!!
Hey everyone my name is Lisa. I'm 27 years old from New Jersey and Ive been a fan of LP from the beginning. I remember hearing the album for the first time at my friends in MA and totally loving it. She and I went to get food and when we came back - her brother had burned a copy for me. I came home a few weeks later and once I got the money, I went out and purchased it. (For those wondering, my friends brother had the actual CD)

I havent seen them live in concert - YET. I'm waiting for enough money to actually buy SEATS. LOL.

Ive been around here for awhile with, another name (AutumnNumb I THINK) and I lost the login information so I just got this one. Im glad to be here. Im HAPPY that Im here. I also have a twitter, or 2.. LOL My main one is LisaD82x and the one I spam LP stuff on is 1000xSuns.

Linkin Park AND the fans ROCK!
hi my name is max i am16 and welcom linkin park.com i have been a linkin park since 2007 what i' ve done
i have Hybrid Theory Meteora and Minutes to Midnight and i have a psp
hi! French meat. love the band always eversince their begenings...I have a secret crush for Chester that I can't explain nmyself
bizoos mmmwh! mwha! à +
Ummmz hi...the name's Kristal. I've been a fan since I was 16 and Hybrid Theory dropped in 2001, I was at Best Buy and just decided to buy their cd and see what they were about. Obviously, I loved it! I missed both times that they toured here do to unforeseen circumstances...double boooooooo...but I'm hoping that when they tour the U.S. again they come back to good ol' Kansas :) If not I'll travel to see em it doesn't matter :P It sucks that they starting overseas first though. any-hoo LP is practically an obsession for me, sad and weird as that sounds :/ I listen to them every single day, it's what gets me through the day lol I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Well just dandy to meet you all, don't be a stranger!
Be responsible for discovering me..... The Catalyst (The Great Unknown) Skuzzy Bono http://www.indabamusic.com/submissions/show/24688
Hello everybody!
My name is Alessandro, I'm 15 and I'm from Bari in Italy!
I started to listen you 6-5 years ago!

PS: I'm sorry for the grammar errors, I don't use translator, I prefer to write by me, so once I can come see you!
My name is Forrest and I'm 16 from Bend, OR. I have loved Linkin Park since Hybrid Theory first came out. I saw my first LP concert three years ago. I have everything LP has ever done and love all of it.
Hi, my name is Andreas but everyone calls me Bobby (pls dont ask why :) ) I'm 19 years old and from Germany. I listen to Linkin Park since their name was Xero <3 I loved them all the Time... 2009 I was at my first concert in Germany and this November (2nd) i will be there in Frankfurt :)

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