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my name is Beth i am 23 24 on the 2nd of July i actually found this band when i was in 9th grade which was funny a guy friend of mine left his burnt copy of the very first one the hyrbid theory i took it home listened to it gave it back bought one i am originalley from SV AZ but i now reside on the outskirts of Tucson 3 points newaYs i love this band crawling raelly hits me hard run away and especialley numb i fell like those songs are calling to me thats all for now
Hi guys, I've just joined here but I've been a Linkin Park fan for about 7 or 8 years. I've bought all of their albums so far and have loved every single song :D. Have not yet seen them live but hopefully will in the future :).

Amazing band!

Hi everyone!
My name's Alexandre (from France), and I'm 14. I discovered LP with M2M first, then discoverted HT and Meteora. By the way HT is my favorite album of LP.
I never saw LP in live performances, I would like to!
hi my name's Renèe (you can call me Reni) and i'm from Italy, i'm on LinkinPark.com only since today cause i've doscovered linkin park about this september but now is already mmy favorite band :D i can sing for examlpe about 15 their songs XD and i hope so much i'll can go to germany in this europe tour *___* so,linkin park, see you in tour, maybe and sorry for my englidh i don't speak it very well XD
I'm mike, new to the forum
To be honest though, I actually did not get my first album until 2004 with reanimation. Yet, when I heard the songs on the radio, I always listened, and I got all of the CDs released to the general public that are non underground related. Even Live in Texas and Road to Revolution
Hi my names Valentino, im 20 been a fan since hearing in the end on the radio in 2001, got hybrid theory, been a fan ever since. This is the band that started my venture in to music, and listening to it. Never seen them live! Hope to soon!
Fabian said:
What Is Linkin Park?
Your kidding, right?
Im John, from America, been a long time fan of LP, but just joined the site.
Hi I'm Karen and guess what I am 37. LP's music trancends all ages! Cool yeah!
Hi everyone! ^_^ My name's Courtney, and I just got here. :p However, I've been a Linkin Park fan for about three or four years, as a friend got me into them with Breaking the Habit. Sadly, I have never been to an LP concert. :( I hope to someday, though.
hi my name is jack, i'm 14 years old, and from the UK. the first time i heard linkin park was on an animation on youtube, and since then i've become quite a big fan of them. I'm also hoping to see them live in november

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