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Tell us who you are, where you're from, and how you discovered the band! Feel free to include any other information you'd like to share.

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Hi all!
Long time LP fan sign up for duty;D
The names Anton but you can call me Torayami or just Tora for short:D
19 years old and I love to listen to LP when I train or doing whatever:D

Take care!

My name is Roy, from Singapore. I've listening to Linkin Park since 2001.

9 years down the road, listening to A Thousand Suns made me feel how much Linkin Park have gradually evolved over the years.

Take care!
Fresh Meat... Cool name of the thread =))
So, I'm Lana. I'm from Russia. From the faaaar and unknown for you town Nizhnekamsk, I am 21 years old. Last year student. Working as a teacher and an IT ingeneer. I like cars, sometimes weapon. Like to listen to ur music. I do not have a favourite song. As 4 me all songs of LP are great.
Hi i am ray here this is jst my alias name cauz my name is long.......i am from india. I first listened to lp wen i was 14 ie in 2003. My first song was song was somewhere i belong...after hearing it i got hooked on to it.lp ricks...

Just thought I'd pop in and introduce myself to all you fellow LP lovers!

My name is Ingrid, I'm 18, Australian and I've been a fan of LP since I was 8 years old, so I started pretty young! I'm sure everyone here has their own story about what Linkin Park means to them and why they love them so much and whilst my own love for them is very layered and with so much reason, for shortness sake I'll put it down to their perception of the real and how they can translate it so perfectly without losing any of their understanding. I also have a lot of respect for how they give so much to their fans and those who support them. A band's greatness should not be tested by how much their fans love them, but how much they love their fans.

A little about the other aspects for me; as you can read on my profile, some of my other passionate interests include Star Trek (yes, I am a full blooded Trekker. No, I'm not offended by "Trekkie" and Vulcans are my favourite species) and a various array of movies and other media. Pretty much all my other heroes are actors and they include Johnny Depp, who is my favourite actor, as well as Zachary Quinto, Eli Roth, Keanu Reeves, Ryan Reynolds, Kristen Bell and Zoe Saldana. As far my other music influences go my taste is very ecclectic and I can say in truthful honesty that I was listen to about 98% of music, any genre. Unless you are Kings of Leon or My Chemical Romance. My other favourite bands are Bush (AND THEY REFORMED, YES!) U2 (who I'm seeing this December 5 days after LINKIN PARK! "This is myyyy decemberrrrrr...." ;) The Killers and an Australian band called The Galvatrons.

As for what I want to do with my life, next year I will be enrolling in university after my year off and studying Journalism and Communication. It is my dream to, upon graduating lead a documentary crew to Pripyat, Ukraine, the location of the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. Chernobyl is just one of many of my historical and indeed emotional interests and it is my hope that through this documentary I can raise awareness back home in Australia and other countries about how radiation is still affecting the people of Belarus and those who once lived in Pripyat, because it has become apparent to me that the level of people who are actually privy to the disaster is alarmingly and shockingly low. Finally through this I would love to found Australia's first Nuclear Awareness Foundation and Chernobyl Charity Organization.

In my spare time I own and run a website dedicated to director/writer/producer and actor Eli Roth and have been blessed with the wonderful opportunity to own, design for and run his official clothing and merch line "Director's Cut Clothing". So, on the off chance there are any fellow fans around there, please by all means message me!

I know this is really long so I should probably leave this here, but if you want to know any more about me, visit my profile or send me a message!

Catch you all around!

PS! This actual thread was posted on my birthday! Awesome!
Okay so I'm new to the sight but I've been obsessed with Linkin Park for at least three years:) friends introduced me and I've loved all their music ever since. Btw I'm Loren and i'm from everywhere. And yeah :)
Names Chad, Im 14 and found out bout lp when was lookin at my dads iTunes and saw a "linkin park"... Hmmm sounds interesting... All of a sudden lps all I listen to...great music with feeling in it..what more could you want...
Hey, im ashley and i've been a LP fan since i was little. my brother used to play it all the time and i fell in love! i have never failed to like a LP song, it amazes me :) i'd love to see them in concert! Imma Linkin Park fan for life!
hi !1st excuse any caps i have hard time typing.ii'm in a wheelchair they arent meant to b rude just a mistake. ok now that's outta the way i've bin fan abt 5yrs. i'm a composer myself just returning from LONG hiatus appreciate LP's willingness to tryy new things rather than stay with "winning formula" & growth into other genres, ie Electroacoustics.

my fav songs r irridescent, lv out all the rest &easier to run

i i usually dont come on boards much ,just 2 let u know
I LOVE LINKIN PARK Ahem....My name is chris and i started listening for numb im 14 and im from greece!!!!I WOULD LOVE TO SEE LINKIN PARK IN GREECE AGAIN............PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEE
Damn! Hey everybooody! Wuzzup? Me be Liz, from Boston Massachusetts!
I don't have any LP albums cause I either can't find them or they cost too much $$$$. Yeah I know I could find them on iTunes but I'm 13 so I don't have a credit card or any shit like that. xD Always loved LP, specially when I was real young but I had no idea who the band actually was. X-P I was always more of a punk fan caus'v my dad's influence but i still like a bit of raging Chester screams in my headphones....mwahahaha lolz
Hello, My name is aXel.
I'm from Gujarat, a state of India.
In my region, there is no fans of western music. I herd LP first when I was in 5th std., It was "In the end". I didn't know english on those days, still the song touch my heart. But it was a music video with visuals of FinalFantasy game. So I couldn't know the name of artist. I never seen that video again but song was still in my mind. And because I was in rural area, I didn't have Internet! So I couldn't find the song again. After 6 years, when I came to the city I found it in my new friend's PC. And I found the band. So, I love LP since I was child and i'm of 18 today.

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