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-.- Amazing.

™[dragonlp20©] (LP Site Mod) said:
Welcome all to the new and improved LinkinPark.com! Name's Dan, but most call me Dragon :) I first started listening to the boys back in 2001, and joined the old LP.com back in 2003. Saw my first LP
show on January 25, 2001; my 21st birthday.

I've bought at least 3 copies of all the albums, either because some punk stole it, or usually, just because I've just played them so damn much. ^_^ (Speaking of, I'm due for a new copy of Hybrid Theory ^_^) so I guess you could say I'm a bit of an old Linkie Bopper =P

That's about all I can think of ... oh, except that I'm gay :p

Peace out bois & gurls :) lol
Yo... Mikael John, Philippines. MJ for short. I've been a fan for 3 years already. Love Hybrid Theory and got their latest one too(Not bad, Awesome Music). Giving something new in the album is a great thing. I hope we can expect more unexpected from LP as we're WAITING FOR THE END of the world, not LP. LP forever!!
hi I m 13 and I am from Croatia.I started listening to lp when minutes to midnight came out and I listen to them ever since...
Hi everyone,

my name is Jasmin, 26 years old and I am from Germany. Last week was my first LP concert in Berlin. It was just awesome!!! I started listening to LP since I saw them a few years ago playing live on MTV.

twerrgth said:
hi I m 14 and I am from Croatia.I started listening to lp when minutes to midnight came out and I listen to them ever since...
Hello, my name is Sky and I am from China..
You know that there is no real rock in such country like China, because most people around me are just numb...
I'm on the way seeking freedom and love, and I think LP's music just give me the strength to stand. I'm now 16 years old and I became a linkin park fan 3 years ago.. the time is not long but I think LP and the music just means alot to me...
I also love Apple because their products are just incredible...
What to say..er. I want to make friends with you native English speakers to improve my poor English.
My e mail is:skyinvin@gamil.com
Yeah Emil here, kinda ``lost`` my old E-mail, so not really new to this site, but it's good to be back.

LP FOREVER, lol anyhow from Norway and hope to be able to discuss different things with you guys, like WTF is up with the bad criticism they recived for their new album?
Hey, I'm kinda new here but I've already participated in some debates. I'm not a native speaker and i'm unrooted, and i'm a little older i guess, 30 something, (but slowly regressing back into adolescence as their music evolves - go figure). i've never considered myself a fan, just a compulsive LP consumer, since about 6-7 years. my first fav song back then was nobody's listening. now i hardly have a favorite song, i love them all, the old and the new ones. I guess i was a fan in denial (or what is it when you wake up and you have that music in your head?). i was very lucky to see them live and experience a 90 minutes sensorial climax, then I bought ATS, can't deny it anymore now. i'm here because i think Shinoda is the best rapper in the world, he's a brilliant and multi-talented all-round artist, and Chester - what can i say that's not been said, he's divinely gifted, a vocal hero, and the rest of the band, the symbiosis of all, it's perfection, it's intense, it's my pain killer and it opened me to a new awareness of music and art. and I'm here because my family and friends can't take it anymore, if i sing "here we go for the 1000th time" they beg me to stop. ok, i'm a very bad rapper. i was told "you're not thinkin, you're linkin". yeah that's right. so i thought i could find here some alter egos to share my obsession with.
im from canada montreal
Hi :) My nickname is Lali, i´m 35 years old and just joined LPU although i´m a big LP fan since 7 years and from HT to ATS. And I love them all because to me life is motion and creativity and most of all it is change ;))
So here is what LP means to me - perfectly described with the words of another song:
In this crazy life
and through this crazy times
it´s you, it´s you
you make me sing
you´re every line
you´re every word
you´re my everything ;)) ("Everything" by M.B.)
Love...(and sorry for mistakes in english - i´m no native speaker ;))
Hi, I have been listening to LP on and off for years. My wife got into them about a year it so ago and we finally got to see you guys at the o2 arena London on the 10/11/2010. Best night of our lives!
I'm Steve and I am 56 years old,live in Ashbourne in Derbyshire(UK) and love the music and the band. The LG ARENA GIG was superb on November 9th(but they did not play Blackout!!).
Can someone explain why people spend money on going to a gig and hardly move a muscle?I was surrounded by 3 or 4 couples and families who sat thru the concert!!!
Who are those people if you go to see a band surely you should attempt to enjoy yourself??????????????

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