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Tell us who you are, where you're from, and how you discovered the band! Feel free to include any other information you'd like to share.

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Hey, just so ya'll know, my old screen name was Shadower_Liltani.

Welcome new people! Eat our cookies and marvel at the epic blue color!

Eh, why not? I'm not new but I've been a fan since I saw the video for In The End. I always really liked them a lot, but Minutes to Midnight made me a hardcore fan, basically. And I think Papercut is the best song they've written to date. There, I said it.

It's nice to see so many fresh faces (even though I'm not actually seeing faces). Maybe the demeanor of the forums will get better now.
Hello Im New here, please call me Patti, Im a LP Fan from the begining and watch this band grow, i love their Music and have seen them many times, and looking forword to their next US Tour and New Music, lol Please add me as a friend and im on facebook too, if u wish to add me , Patricia Ann or Email rockergirl-122@***********, Thank U
Hello fellow LP fans! I'm Samuel from the Philippines, I'm a Linkin Park fan since highschool and now i already graduated college i still listened to them and considering them my influential band in my life. I watched them LIVE also here at they're Meteora tour in Manila last 2004 and still hoping they return here. MORE POWER LINKIN PARK!
Hey -- I'm Tony ... um, I went by minuteman on the old board. ;x Loving this new site. :)
What up I'm Tyler! I ain't going to lie, back in the day in highschool, I used to hate Linkin Park. In like 06 I gave them another chance because music has been so sh!t for awhile now, and I needed something different to listen to. Once I began to comprehend what they were doin as a band and started listening to them as if it were hip hop instead of metal, I fell in love with their songs. LP is one of my favorite bands now, and I think their genius song writers, no bullsh!t.
I am Allie. I am from IL, currently in IN. Here is how I discovered Linkin Park: I have been hearing impaired since I was ten. One summer when my family could not afford me hearing aids, I sat at home all summer at home, hiding from the world because I could not hear with my hearing aids. I put my TV on the floor one day and plug some headphones in the TV and the first song/video that came on was "Somewhere I Belong" by Linkin Park. I fell in love. Being hearing impaired is hard, but not having to hear anything for a whole summer was harder, I just wanted to feel like I belonged somewhere. Thank You Linkin Park.
I've been a fan since somebody played Reanimation for me. The combination of rock, hip hop and electronic sounds on that album were like magic to me. It's mostly the hip hop stuff that I'm into so I wasn't that excited about Meteora. But a Pink Floyd / Alan Parsons Project style concept album by Linkin Park??? I've gotta hear that.

Had an interesting experience of listening to Minutes to Midnight on my mp3 player while hiking to the store to buy it. (because I didn't own it yet at that point) Sue me. Meh.
Well... I'm Stephanie and i Live in Brooklyn NY, I'm not new ( but the system didn't let me signin with my old password or email) so I had to create a new one whatever.. I started to listen to Linkin Park since I was 13 and I've following them ever since. They are just great!
Hello. First off, I'm not really a n00b. I've been around the Linkin Park message board for a long, long while... even the Fort Minor boards. I've met people that I didn't like and I've met people that I like. I've met people that I talked to ALL the time and I've met people that I've lost contact with. So on and so on. Anyway, my name is Amanda. On the OLD LPMB before the last newer one (Red and White). I was "Manda" and I had another username "Anna" I changed my name a lot, so I doubt anyone would remember me.

But, I thought I would post here to let people know who I am and to meet new people and maybe some people that I used to know ( I doubt that will happen ). And I hope everyone is doing well.
hi! im Lexii and i have been a huge LP fan since 2001! (been a member on and off here since 2003)

i only saw LP once (Feb 2008 in Columbus Ohio), and i cant wait to see them again live! =]

i have to renew all of my LP cds....*i play them too damn much!*


and hi everyone!!!!!!
Hi, I'm Christian and I've been an LP fan since 2003. I've only just joined this site as a member very recently though, so I'm looking forward to interacting with so many fans!

I'm from Malta, so unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to see the band live yet, I'd have to go abroad for that (which I intend on doing in the future). I discovered their music through a TV commercial promoting the release of Meteora, with the "Somewhere I Belong" music video playing in the background. The song blew me away, it was the first time I heard down-tuned guitars and it made me fall in love with LP and music in general. So basically, these guys have changed my life quite significantly.

As a tribute to them my very first tattoo was of their Meteora-era band logo, hopefully I shall get a pic up soon on my profile :D
Hi, I'm PriG. I'm 17 and I've a complete Linkin Park fan since 2004!! I love your new website and I would love to have a lot of friends who are as crazy LP fans as I am!!

Looking forward to all this..!!!!

Love, PriG XOXO

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