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Hope you do too.

Karo said:
'sup everyone, I'm Karo from Argentina...i've been listening to LPs music for like..10 years. Hope to have a good time on here.

facebook: nicolas alberto garrao silva.
I've been a fan since Meteora, the first time I heard "Somewhere I Belong" I feel in love. Then my all time favorite song (ever not just LP) "Faint" came out and I knew I was in it for the long haul.

Hybrid Theory is actually my least favorite CD from them, though I do love it, but Meteora is my favorite, I can listen to it 24/7 and never get sick of it!

My dream is to meet Mike Shinoda (and the boys of course) because Mike's my role model. He's just so down to Earth and chill, he's just a rad dude (though he'd like the rad) he's multi-talented and just an overall great guy, a guy you can totally sit down and talk to and have a fucking fantastic time with.

Though I love the whole band, Mike is just my personal favorite. His song "Where'd You Go" REALLY reached out to me.
argentina, habla en español :D

Tom James Sinchareun said:
Hope you do too.

Karo said:
'sup everyone, I'm Karo from Argentina...i've been listening to LPs music for like..10 years. Hope to have a good time on here.
Hi, I am from South Africa. Been an LP fan for 11 years. I have every cd/DVD avail here. Hopes LP wud play in SA some day
Hey! My name is Raf Ahmed! From that miserable place named the UK.. Yeah real miserable. Anyway I'm 16 almost 17. I've loved Chester Bennington since I was 5! I loved Grey Daze then band broke up... I cried. Then when I heard of him joining this new band I was amazed! I'm quite happy with Mark Wakefield for doing one because Chester kicks ass! I have everything the band have brought out but never had the chance to be christened by them! I'd love to watch them live but not being able to travel across seas or having been too young to go when they finally came over here it has been close to impossible! But this year's my year no matter what the cost I will get too see them!
Hey! I'm Alphie from Zambia (Somewhere in Africa) but I live in Singapore. I'm 17.

I started listening to LP when I was about 8/9 and they had released "In The End" and "Crawling". I can't remember which one I saw first but yeah... I liked them after that but when I heard "Somewhere I belong" I turned the other way, didn't like it at all. A few years later I heard Numb and Numb/Encore and I liked them again. Still love them, I think I own one copy of enery album they released in stores. :P

I've never seen them live but I'm dying to!
hmmmm... that's all I guess.
me too

Hemalyn Bhadersein said:
Hi, I am from South Africa. Been an LP fan for 11 years. I have every cd/DVD avail here. Hopes LP wud play in SA some day
Hi my names Hope, I'm 24 and I've been listening to LP since Hybrid Theory came out. I finally went to see them two years ago on the Projekt Revolution Tour, then saw them 2 more times that year!! They are absolutely amazing live and know how to put on a great show. Can't wait for them to come around again so I can be back in the PIT!

I think I like old school LP best, but I'm not against the new sound either.
Hello Fellas!!!! My name is Kenny. I'm a huge Linkin Park fan, i've been listening to them since i was 10. I'm so obsessed with the new song they made for Haiti "Not Alone" i think that was really special. I haven't been to any LP concerts yet and if there any PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REMIND ME, i've dying to go lol

See you guys around, LP4LIFE!!!
Hello everyone, my name is Andrea Hevia, I have 20 years about to turn 21 xD, I'm from Coquimbo, Chile, South America.
I listen to LP since I was a small 2001 or so. her first song I heard from them was Crawiling, and hear when walking to school taxes on the bus. from then till LP is pleased with today.
For me it is a dream to see them live and to feel the same energy of the people I see go through the DVDs, Videos on youtube. I found out the truth today and gra small chance that they come to chile, is indescrptible ue feel the emotion in these momnetos, I'm shaking as I write, I have labrimas filled eyes, only to imagine being there, being able hacerele chorus to every song together chester and mike, feel every note of Brad and Phoenix, feel the mix of joe, and the pace of Rob cabeciar.

Greetings to all fans of LP.
Greetings from Chile ^ ^
kisses for everyone.

Translation into Spanish

Hola a todos, Mi nombre es Andrea Hevia , tengo 20 años apunto de cumplir 21 xD, Soy de Coquimbo,Chile, Sudamerica.
Escucho a LP desde que era muy pequeña 2001 mas o menos. le primer tema que escuche de ellos fue Crawiling, y lo escuche cuando iva camino al colegio en el autobus. desde ese momento quede encantada con LP asta hoy en dia.
Para mi es un sueño poderlos ver en vivo y poder sentir la misma energia de la gente que veo atravez de los DVD, Videos en youtube. la verdad hoy me entere de la pequeña y gra posibilidad que ellos vengan a chile, es indescrptible la emocion ue siento en estos momnetos, estoy temblando mientras les escribo, tengo los ojos llenos de labrimas, solo de poder imaginarme estar hay, de poder hacerele coro a cada cancion juntos chester y mike, sentir cada nota de Brad y Phoenix, sentir las mesclas de joe, y cabeciar al ritmo de Rob.

Saludos a todos los Fanaticos de LP.
Saludos desde Chile ^^
hi everyone on the linkin park network.My name is Ailina and i have been a hardcore lp fan for 8 years now

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