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Hey guys, i started listening to Linkin Park when the first album came out (I got it the day it came out) i own every single album but havn't managed to see them live yet which is annoying.

I'm 16 years old, and am joining the Army (British) this September, i love to BMX and Skate and i find that Meteora is a good album to excercise to.

Uuummm, that's about all i can think of right now.
I'm Chris, I play guitar for the band Profuse. Check us out at Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, ReverbNation and iLike.


You can also find us in the Search Engine here on Linkin Park.com
HI! Im from Arizona! Joined the military, now living in North Carolina and I LOVE LINKIN PARK! Been to 1 concert in Charlotte, NC and waiting for the next tour, been waiting...Oh yeah, I just hit the age of 30 but, can still drop it like its hot! Take Care!
Hi everyone!

I'm Siri, a 21 year old girl from the awesome country of Norway!
I started listening to Linkin Park for real around the time they came out with "Minutes til midnight" and I've been listening to them ever since. My favorite song has to be "In the end", I think.. The thing I love the most about LP's music is the way they mix rock and rap, and the lyrics of course. It really gets to me somehow.

Rock on ;)
hello my name is jeremy and i'm 23 and married. i'm not new here. i was on the old lpmb. i was one of the leaders of the pirate thread which hopefully will make a comeback. i've been a fan since the first album was released and i stole it from my brothers car. i didn't join the website until 2007 or something like that.

have fun newbies and help us bring back the pirate thread.
hey this is Devdaan from India, 17 years....a new member or fresh meat : )
i have been a crazy fan of linkin park for years...the first time i heard them i remember sitting in front of the TV for two days stretch just to see the glimpse of 'numb' which showed between commercials time to time ...they r like god to me and chazzy is the best !
Hey ny name is Alan! Been a fan since May of 2005. I have all LP's cds plus dvds and other merch. I'm 17 and have yet to see them live due to not old enough to drive anywhere close to where they are. Glad to now be a member!
Hi everyone!

My name is Kaleda...or Kalli for short (yes different spellings, long story!). I'm 23 and from London! Linkin Park are my FAVOURITE band and I've been listening to them since One Step Closer first came out! have all the albums and singles on cd. The band literally changed my life and I love them unhealthily haha! Anyway I was on the old forum once but...I dunno what happened! LP are the most amazing live band and I cannot wait til they are back here in London! :)
I'm a thirty something year old mother of two who loves their music. LP is able to articulate so many emotions in their music. I can relate to so many of their songs. I love their style and I love Chester.

Names Jordan, I've been a hardcore Linkin Park fan since when i was about 7 years old so pretty much when their first abulm was out, My mom introduced me to linkin park and i absolutely loved them, Im actually from southern ohio & go to Wheelersburg High School
ooooooh hai xD my name is matej:P Im 21 years old and i started to listen LP like 6 years ago and from that moment on im obsessed with LP. The only thing that remains is to see LP live but they never came near slovenia:P.I HOPE they will come to sLOVEnia or somewhere near it so i can go to see live show xD
hey im Brandy. im from visalia, ca. ive always loved linkin park! ive been listening to them since the end of nineteen ninety-nine!! they have deffinately been my absolute fav band ever since!! for all of u guys who have met them, i envy u! money has always been an issue...but i would still love to go to their concerts and meet them. they really seem like good people, something we really need to see in this world. let me know if u want to chat.

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