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Yo Jasper, I know how u feel man, hate not being able to see LP live. Would be amazing! Actually it WILL be amazing!

Jasper Gulliver said:
Hey everyone, I'm Jasper. Friends call me Jaz =] And I'm from Australia.

I first heard LP when they released Hybrid Theory in 2000 (I was only 6 then =P) since my friend's older brother had gotten the album probably a week after it came to stores. I happened to hear him playing it that same day when I was visiting, and because I was so used to my dad's music collection (which included some majorly heavy stuff), so I pretty much fell in love with it as soon as I heard it. I have both Hybrid Theory and Meteora in my collection of music, along with half of the Minutes to Midnight album, and also have the Road to Revolution CD and DVD pack in Milton Keynes. Sad to say though that I haven't been able to go to a live show yet due to money and travel issues.

Also, LP are a major influence for me personally as a musician and singer in my own band, which I guess makes me a hardcore LP fan =P
Well my name is chris hall and I started listning to lp when I was 1. on metro and the all top 100 bands of the era was on MTV and that's it oh yea am a nice guy to meet and a lot of fun and I play a lot of xbox 360 on line my gt is MuFc demon so add me if you want and lp is my music life :)
Well my name is chris hall and I started listning to lp when I was 1. on metro and the all top 100 bands of the era was on MTV and that's it oh yea am a nice guy to meet and a lot of fun and I play a lot of xbox 360 on line my gt is MuFc demon so add me if you want and lp is my music life :)
Hi I'm Rachael, Rach, Rachy lol

I am 26 and have been a fan since I saw "In the end" on tv when i was about 16 and have oved them and their music ever since.
Hey i'm nick, The new linkin site is cool, i loved the sparkart site also, anyways, I loved lp since the first time i heard them,
I have all albums from Hybrid to MTM including live cds and dvds, so what i bet you guys have those also lmao,,,,
Hi everyone! My name is Romy. I'm 19 and I come from Switzerland.

First song I heard by LP was Somewhere I Belong. So, I follow the band since Meteora.
I have all the album and I cant choose one! They're all so great! I can't wait for the next!
Hey well my name is Amrit im 17 years old and from london. I guess ive always listened to LP but since 08 i went thru some stuff and their music just really helped, and since then ive just been listening to it and love it as we all doo!!! but ive only recently joined...and i havent seen an LP show yet.
Yo. Name's Mallory. I live in South Carolina. Turning 20 in 15 days. I'm not new to linkinpark.com, however, I AM new to the "new" linkinpark.com. I've been a Linkin Park fan for about 7 years. Been in the LPU before, though I'm not a current member. I plan on fixing that ASAP. I've seen them live only once, and that was back in 2008. I'm in college and my main interests are in anime, cosplaying, roleplaying, listening to music, video games, and yeah..just having fun. Friend me..chat me up..whatevz. I don't bite, I promise.
Hello, my name is Philippe, i'm 17 years old and been listening to LP since Reanimation, i got mostly all the album (never got the world collide nor reanimation, wich is kinda funny). Since i'm listening to them, there is only one song i can say that i nearly les appreciate and it's valentine day, but my favorites are numb and the road to revolution Pushing me away!!! i'd love to ear a full album of piano-voice remake all like that one. Loves chester's voice! i never been LPU nor to a live show because mainly of money and age, my parents don't really like LP. Am willing to see the group this year or next one, if they come nearby!!! I play guitar and some little piano, love reading manga, watching anime, playing around on computer, listening to LP of course and other bands and reading alot. I'm coming from Canada and my main language is french! i Hope to have fun round here, and add me if you want, i'm on facebook!
hi,my name is Viktorija, I'm from Ukraine, I'm,as a matter of fact,more "silent" fan,but since I've been in London for 5 years I've been on their "Minutes to Midnight" concert in O2 and already have tickets for next one,so I really appreciate that fact that my ex showed to me what does it mean-LINKIN PARK...and when I'm feeling bad-they are my best medicine-one song or more and everything just disappear,only me and...Linkin Park))))))
I have never done this, and I guess I must be the "OAP" of the board, as I am 38, but I have been a fan of Linkin Park, since the day I heard "In the End". I bought the Album soon after, and then bought Meteora the first day it was in the shops. Minutes to Midnight, I downloaded on the first day too. I love LP, love seeing them on TV. Even like their side projects. Who says your too old to rock.
Hello everybody!! my name is Cynthia, i'm from Argentina, i'm 25 years old and i'm a fan of Lp since i was 16.
I'm waiting for the guys to come, they always get to Brazil and i think it's time for them to meet my country that`s my dream.
I wonder if each membre of Lp have a Facebook account, because i added as a friend a guy who says he is the real Chester Bennington, and he want to get 1000 fans in 20 days or he will leave facebook, i don't know if the real Chester would do that, what do you say guys? check it out at: Chazzy Chazz Bennington, please stay with us on facebook don't give up again (facebook group).
I only want the truth,i hope the real Chester can confirm this.

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