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hey there everyone =)
I'm sorta kinda new on here lol
I'm 18 and live in Germany
been on the LPU for 2 years and been on the former LP forums as well but they changed so much so I basically lost myself and yea stopped goin lol
So uhm I've been LP fan since 2005. I've seen them live 3 times so far and been to a meet and greet back in 2006 I think it was...
I'm not a huge fan anymore but I'd still get their CDs etc and go see them live anytime
that's it lol =)
I´m angela, 22 years old, from Portugal.
Discovered LP when i was 13 years old and since then i´ve been a fan.
I´ve registered in the old LP mb ( i´m not that "Fresh...") with the nickname of MA-S ( doubt anyone remembers me)...
...graduated from nursing school, now i´m RN!
And i guess that´s all for now...
You're GAY?!
that's awesome

dragonlp20© (moderator) said:
Welcome all to the new and improved LinkinPark.com! Name's Dan, but most call me Dragon :)

I first started listening to the boys back in 2001, and joined the old LP.com back in 2003. Saw my first LP
show on January 25, 2001; my 21st birthday.

I've bought at least 3 copies of all the albums, either because some punk stole it, or usually, just because I've just played them so damn much. ^_^ (Speaking of, I'm due for a new copy of Hybrid Theory ^_^) so I guess you could say I'm a bit of an old Linkie Bopper =P

That's about all I can think of ... oh, except that I'm gay :p

Peace out bois & gurls :) lol
Started listening LP in 2001, and I just love them....

hi im vic

i live in the uk
and i first heard linkin park in 2007
when i was 13 now im 16 and sill liking them

can't wait til u come to manchester in november
on my bros b-day

and i've liked them ever scince
Hello, I'm Jelena from Serbia, 16 years old.

Im listenig to LP for 2 years.. and they are the best. Can't wait for new album,... Im looking forward to it. The Catalyst is amazing song... :)
Hallo my friends!!!!!!!My name is Alexis Rigas (friends also call me AlfaRo) and I'm from Greece...we may have economic problems here (maybe you know what i'm talking about) but i'm sure that i'm gonna buy the new LP album.... don't ask me why...THEY ARE AWESOME...LP rules...RESPECT!!!!!!!!
Hello there! :) I'm Marius , I'm almost 21, romanian, but now I'm living in Spain and can't wait for the new album to come out. Cheers!
Hello everyone. I just joined yesterday. :) My name is Carolee, I'm 15 years old and from Texas! As it says in my bio on my profile, I discovered Linkin Park in 2001(I was around 6-7!) when my dad had bought the Hybrid Theory cassette! I was immediately drawn to their music, and I discovered the world of Nu Metal and rock music... So I guess I've been a fan for around 8 or 9 years, and I am reallyyyy excited to get their new upcoming album!

I have yet to see them in concert :( But I hope someday in my lifetime I do! xD
Hi Peeps

I'm Maria, but most ppl call me Maz, am 29 an live in the UK. Have been a mad LP fan since their first album....an I sooooo cant wait for the new album!!!! Best thing is I got tickets to see them at the O2 I dont normally wish my life away but waiting to see these guys in november is almost unbearable!!!!

Well thats me!
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Martuzza said:
really??did you go alone? :) mmmm for me it's not easy to go alone, because they probably won't come to Italy, so I have to go abroad :(
anyway I envy you for being next o te scene =) you lucky..

I waited 7 hours in front of entrance and I declare the game was worth the candle. :)

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