(From LPU forums) Let's destroy the fake Chester on Twitter

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We have a new target, it is not Chester_Be anymore, it is ChasterBe

Receiving signal...

Hello fellow LPUers,

In this New Year, let's cleanse the world - internet - of scums like imposters. Imposters such as the fake Chester Bennington on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ChasterBe

To achieve this goal, I need at least 35 to 50 strong and dedicated LPUers.

The target, we shall call it Boogie 1, has about 85 (and counting) "followers" on Twitter. We have to inform Boogie's follower before it escalates! It can be accomplished in 5 simple steps below:

Depending on the length of the name of the designated recipient of our message, you can choose 1 of the templates to copy and paste into the reply. Do note that you DO NOT need to "click" a name in order for the recipient to receive your reply. This is because each name is one of a kind and Twitter will automatically route the reply to your target recipient.

The following replies MUST start with @(Recipient) for it to work.

1. @ChasterBe is fake, he has no tick bside his name. @ChesterBe is the real one.

2. Unfollow @ChasterBe he is fake as he has no tick bside his name, @ChesterBe is the real one!

3.@ChasterBe is fake, he doesnt hav a tick bside his name, @ChesterBe is the real 1,spread the word n unfolow the fake one :)

You may alter as you see most appropriate. After you sent the reply, u can reply again and promote this thread or the LPU thread to let them know what we're doing.

Now that we have the instructions in place, we need to ensure that each and every "follower" of Boogie 1 be informed, with the least chance of 2 soldiers informing 1 recipient.

Due to the fact that it is impossible for me to give 30 names to each participating soldier, I suggest that I give a number.

For example, if I put:

(LPU nickname) 30 it means that he or she will take the FIRST 30 on the "follower" list.

(LPU nickname) c30 It means that he or she will COUNT the first 30 before taking the next 30. This is because the first 30 has already been taken care off by the first person.

(LPU nickname) c60 It means that he or she will count the first 60 before taking the next 30.

So on and so forth.

This is the most productive way that I can think off.. because it's really impossible that I give all 1,000++ names :/

Another way is, after one of you do your round, put down here the last nickname so it's easier for the next guy to find it rather then counting and maybe losing count :)

For example, the first guy will put the 30th nickname he did and the second guy will reply 30 after that nickname and put the 60th nickname or whichever he stops at lets say he has no time etc.

I know it sounds abit troublesome, but no pain no gain, right? It's for our favourite singer!

On my part, I already replied to everyone that was retweeted by Boogie 1, you can check my profile for the proof: https://twitter.com/#!/Linkingal

Who is with me on this mission?

Put down your name and I will organise and plan out the blueprint. The date of attack will most probably be 2 weeks from now. The more soldiers we have, the lesser recipients each of us take and (most likely) faster to accomplish this mission.

Do ask any questions if you do not understand anything/

Thanks in advance. That dude is also harassing Mike's and Talinda's twitter.

Mission motto
We are Linkin Park Underground. We do not forgive and We will annihilate anyone that stands in the way of the righteous. We will kill douchebags who have the intent to harm us or our representation in any way. Expect us.

Once there are enough soldiers I will start to plan out the numbers and stuff

Everyone who's names are in the participating list also has the job to watch Boogie 1's RT and see if there any ignorant people who think he's real. He RTs them because it will give a third person's point of view to further prove that Boogie 1 is the real Chester. He is flaunting. And, if he catches our plan, he would probably tone down the RT (or not), which works both ways for us, in a positive sense ;)


Soldiers: - Number - Last recipient


Soldiers: - Number - Last recipient

Anyway, we dont have to do it on the same day exactly but we do it consecutively for example, after the first guy finishes at the starting of the mission, the second guy picks up where the first left off on his own pace, ofcourse, not too slow, then he will report back here, i will update and the third and subsequent guys can continue :)

Before we initiate the plan all out, I'm trying to decrease his followers by watching his activity so that it'll be easier for us later.

- to be updated -

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