Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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Right now everything is running. I changed my theme for my page... to the team the hole lp website actually is.
In mmy previous team, the facebook/itunes/twxitter, ... icoons showed up under the lp logo.. (at the wrong place.) If I am back home, I can change it again, and take screenshot and show it. Or you guys can check all other themes. :p

Ms. AC (Moderator) said:
Thanks, Lode! A few tweaks were made to the tabs at the top. Can you let me know if everything is still running together for you?

Lode Geboers (Flagger) said:
The new look for the new album looks better then the 8-bit look... but...
Because the logo came in the headline.. there is no room anymore for the 8-bit yourself page.

Is it normal Miek still has the 8-bit team? If it is... then there is something wrong in the lay-out... I think not the 8-bit theme only but other themes has this problem to.

This website's design and lines are good, but i wanna see the page on all display, so wide pages are better than this tight page.
its awesome
Way better than the old website.(:
It's #sick
Here's a little thing I noticed. adding space to a discussion title doesn't work . It's like I wrote with no space. I had to put underscore.
I am wondering if we put in the HTML version of non breaking space which is an & on the front of nbsp with a ; ending it 6 non-breaking spaces added starting now      ending here ..
course that is not in a title but you could try it in one??
Yknow wat'll be cool. FREE TICKETS for all the members in this blog for thier up-coming ATS Album Tour. Yeah,,,I know Long shot rite...sigh!! :)
But It'll be great, call it a way of LINKIN PARKS CSR initiative, mebbe we can make it LPFAD = Linkin Park Fans Appreciation Drive
....Whaddya think kewl idea rite guys ?
Honestly, the site looks great..
with this dark tone that appositely suits LP..!
keep the good work up guys..!
The "Free Download" widget in the right sidebar says not what it offers now. It says "Get two MP3's of "The Catalyst," featuring YOU", but when I submitted my e-mail I got link to download an old "A Thousand Suns content bundle" with:
- 3 promo photos
- 2 videos ("LPTV - Something New" and "Meeting of A Thousand Suns Preview")

I think this need to be fixed.
Nice design, easy to navigate. Colours a bit dull though.

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