Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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thank u thank u. !

AC (Moderator) said:
Sorry to hear you received 250 emails in one day. You can turn off getting those group emails-- and manage your email settings in general-- here: By default, we've turned off groups sending out emails every time people join as well. I hope this helps! AC

Hell_enia said:
about ur group. i joined it, and ever since i got 250 notification emails during one afternoon. the emails are about other members who join that group also. I don't know why I would be interested in knowing who joins the group. Can you please fix this problem? It's really annoying I was forced to leave your group afterall...
I think the chat is awesome and perferct now we have the oportunity to meet anothres fans, and the groups too.
I think they could put "embed" to orkut not just facebook myspace.....
But the rest is perfect
Hello,I'm from Vietnam.Welcome to Vietnam
Last night I gave the chat room a try. Only four people, myself included, out of 100 were willing to actually say something, although it didn't go any further than "hello". I don't get it... Chat rooms used to be cool, what the hell?
In my opinion, these pixel banners and background are kinda weired. Dunno why. But well, the new features and how the site is build up are awesome! I like that!
This is just so much more convenient! I kid you not, the improvements made on the LP website are the shiz-nizz. I like how in our own pages we have our own LP pics, songs and videos and, most importantly, we have updates on the band. The new look is amazing and I'm grateful that we can customize our own page! This is all just so great!
i think the layout should be more fresh, not to bore the visitors..
and less grainy pics pls..
many guys are online at the same time but thy dont open cht room
I'd like to see such improvement:
When I search for members from Ukraine for example I want to have different options on sorting the list of members.
Would be awesome to have an option to sort them by the registration date, by name, and by something other.

Also photos in photo album:
after adding them, if you skip the page where you can change titles of all photos on one page, you cant do that again - only change title photo by photo by going to Edit Photo option. That's very slow if I want to change title of 100 photos for example.
i want know, what?s the video were mike's sigin in the house, and raper some like balad siting in sofa. Never become i see again in tv. I searching this cd or video but its impossible for me. be great and possible to aperce this video in the blog's mike. its a great song a great video for me; liseting this song and think the same.thanks and Grand karmma for all.
the search groups function doesnt seem to be working for me. whatever i type in it comes back with 0 results
So what happened to r old ones, do they now no longer exist, which is a little annoying, that we have to start from scratch again after being here for so long but...
Its gonna take some getting used too, on the whole it looks COOL

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