Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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Hey Guys ! Just to bring to your attention .. Someone has uploaded entire LP discography here and posing as Chester

Please look into it,.

Best Regards
Am I here on the new LPUX Side? I don´t understand this here.
I really love the site!
you guys did a great job!!:)
I think the graphics and colors everything fits. This gives a very homogenous.
Apart from that all links are very good and accessible.
Closes on me until this dang line here when it finally stayed open for me to keep typing...

I really do love your policy though...  Let's make it hard to suggest fixing what we know we already broke ,)
It's really great that you decided to take down LPU, but next time get the new site functional FIRST.  And I need my LPU email!  I have time sensitive email that I doubt I'll get in time because the smart site programmers are too smart to see they've Fed up and because they won't see it they won't admit it and without admitting it they won't fix it.  LPU members are getting mad, and legally have the right to sue for what they paid for.  Your contract goes both ways...  We've done our part

I love it.

It's nice to look at... as in it doesn't kill your eyes.

It's easy to use and just plain awesome.

I can't compare it to the old site since I didn't see it. The colors is to much, it takes a few seconds for the eyes to adjust to it. That log-in with google, yahoo, etc  that needs to go away. There need to be a page that indicates the account status (, LPUX, etc) plus provide the code(if any) for pre-sale. In addition, provide a method to upgrade the account status or cancel monthly/annual membership. It would be nice to have somekind of noticeable border separating content in the pages (to me everything blends together). The pre-sale purchase needs to improve big-time. I wasn't able to purchase tickets since from the very start it said something about out-of-stock (and I made sure to be online when they went on sale). Well that is my two-cents worth.

please utilize the space in the left and right.. everything is so cramped up in the centre

There needs to be an icon to message the band here on the website. I have been all over it looking for it, and cannot find it.
okay i hate this background
black with white text hurts my eyesssss

i liked the white + red border one

oh yeah and what happened to all the old members
i can't even find my old account
man this sucks

I like it!


In some of the forum topics there seems to be lots of postings that are adds and other unrelated shit like that. I know it's hard to stop a lot of that stuff getting through, but it sought of cheapens the site to let all that crap stay on there.



I haven't had a look at everythign on the forum yet so let me know if this is already happening, but it would be good if you could have a section where different countries could have their own little group???? That way we could share info, photos etc. from the same concerts/meet n greets that we have been to. It would be easier to find each other that way.



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