Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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haven't looked through everything yet.. but i really like the layout here=)... but all the header pictures keep anoying me... they're to... pixelated... or.. not enough... if you eant nice pictures... then its too much... if you want the 8-bit thing... its just not enough... and it makes me anoyed... yeah...
The new site is fantastic!! LP, social networking, playlists, applications, you name it its here! The old LP and LPU are great and I would only expect this from a band that cares for their fanbase like LP does! Wonderful work and keep it up!
pretty cool, i like how it looks.
i think it would be cool to have a place where peps could upload their remixes of linkin park songs
Anyway... as far as I'm noticing, it is quite the b**ch to get the background image and side images changed...

For the background image, I've found that placing it where it says Header Image in the All Options tab.
The side image.. I don't remember what I did, but it eventually worked for me. Just keep trying :) If I remember what I did, I'll be sure to let you all know.

Gothtrinity said:
Please get rid of the "Latest Activity" bar. It makes the page look way too busy and I don't care that such and such joined this group and this gift was given to such and such. Other then that good work!
So far, I like this one better. I don't see any problems yet
The site looks pretty cool, but I do have one remark - the drop-down menus at the top navigational bar are awful. Just as you are looking at the stuff on the home page and, if you're professionally twisted like me, can't help but notice how the different elements blend together, and then you hover the mouse over the menus and you suddenly see those ugly black rectangles with huge letters which seem "pasted" on top of everything. Please make them better so that they don't stand out like that :)
if you click "settings" on the right of the screen, and scroll down to "my page," on the tool bar on your left you can change the styles and color in your page.

NiKmaN said:
First: the site's design and the way it's build is ways better than the old sparkat version, I really like it.
The videosection and all the media stuff is cool, just like before. The site is giving me some trouble with clicking links, especially on the 'home' site (when it's still loading), but that might happen because I'm using Opera and not Firefox or IE.
The embeed facebook,yootoob,myspace links and all that stuff is really cool.
A chance to select different background colours for the boxes and perhaps different styles available to choose would be great, but I guess it's some kind of destroying the mood and style you want to achieve with the site (for example advertising 8-bit rebellion now ;) ).
Okay, I'm warming up to the site a lot now, there's a few more points that I think would help if they're possible:

The Latest Activity bar should display updates for people I friended, not strangers. Strangers joining groups I'm not part of is absolutely useless information to me. I want to know what my friends are doing, however.

The software seems undecided on whether or not profile CSS styles for one's page can be edited. Many edits are overwritten by the default skin right after the page loads. You could make it so that everyone has the default, or allow everyone an option to edit their profile. Whatever you choose, stick with it.

If vBulletin is really going away, then please make it so that "My Discussions" display all discussions I've participated in my groups, too, and please display them by threads, not by posts. Or else send me an alert (not by email) that someone replied to my post so I can track my discussions. The discussions page only shows me posts on this main forum here, and I just want a way to be able to keep track of all the other place I've been too.

The overall theme is that I'm presented with a lot of information up front I really don't care about, and the information I want I have to click on each individual friend or groups and go into each individual thread to find.
I notice the link is set to follow discussions even if I don't click on the follow icon. My mail box is clogging up!
i don't know if anyone has mentioned this before or not, but the search function for the discussion forum makes me want to shoot somebody. when you search, the result that shown are not threads, but every single post that has the keyword in it. although the thread title is mentioned in fine print at the below of the post, it's friggin' tiring and annoying if you have to search through hundreds of pages when you only want to find a thread that discuss a certain topic. after flippin 10 or so pages with zero result, people would start making old-new thread, then some will complain about the redundant threads and reply it with "use the search function".
I am unable to upload any pics to this site via my cell phone. I'd like to see a list of all the shows Linkin Park has ever performed so that we can all add our names to those we have been to.

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