Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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I actually find it far better than the old site...great job guys
what i miss a lot is the 'post since your last visit' button...maybe i just haven't found it yet, but it was always quite useful.
Can you take the top banner off of the profile pages? It's in the way of my profile theme and it doesn't display anything important; they're just pictures of the band.
front page design of the site is good but want it to be better and more stylish with Shockwave background or slideshows or whatever... :)
Much better than the old one. More space for us fans...
It would be nice if the tape to make more news on the home page!
Do you mean for 8-Bit Rebellion? If not, can you tell me what game section you'd like? Thanks!

Why do you care? said:
i like's much easier to costumize your page.....unlike the last one....i had a really difficult even got to a point where i stopped costumizing my page because it was so hard and confusing..

Now i'm still wondering if you guys can put a game section to the menu bar...
i really don't know what to say because i use ning for three of my websites. ning is a great site engine though. props to LP for choosing ning. here are my active ning sites:
The new website pretty much has it all....I do miss setting the transparency of the body. If we could have that same effect like youtube has it would be perfect. keep up the good work
Hey great site you guys. It's a lot different from the old one. But there's a few things bothering me right now. It'd be nice for some easier photo uploading capabilities. Like being able to select mult. photos when uploading instead of one at a time. And also being able to reorganize your photos once uploaded. And lastly...the background is a little weird....maybe a new more modern version would be better than blury?
Firstly, the site load faster compare to the old design.
Secondly, the pixel background theme is good idea but the color for the boxes in the center (with the resolution set to 1280 x 800), for example on the homepage and discography page, is too similar with the pixel background, those boxes just doesn't really stand out. Besides, the color of the box header and the background of the box is too similar as well, it's just different tone of blue color, it just sort of not distinguish enough.The link color in those blue color boxes are not very obvious as well, with the same reason, the link color is too similar to the blue color.

The design in 8-bit rebellion's page is much better, with different tone in the background, making those boxes or messages that your want to carry out much much obvious.

Lastly, the page looked less classy/serious compare to the old design but it's warmer and fun with the new design. I think if the new theme is clearly set out to be this way, the design will need to have more fun and catchy design/stuffs.

Hope all these help, just my personal opinion, hope it doesn't offend anyone. Thanks!
Hi Dan,

As a fan I would like a total w3c compliant website that looks the same in every browser including internet explorer 6


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