Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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Can we not have the white flash whenever I click on something? Its really blinding against the black background.

I think maybe there's something going funny with your computer cos I never get a white flash, Nicholas ;)

Great idea, Lucas :) :) :)

lucas2crows said:

Hey guys, yeah nice new site, seems to function great, very clear and clean.

Just wanted to offer a simple suggestion as to Album tracks and the site, I was thinking that it could be a good idea to to have the track listings for the new album with a select / love button next each track to essentially take a on running poll of the favourite tracks on the album not for site members to see but for the band so you are able to judge what sparks more with the fans as to be able to enhance the unity consiuoseness of fans and band to become one.

Hi! New design looks realy great!

But I think you have some problems with functionality on this page
1. I think you should remove button "ADD", because only admin or content manager can add an event.
2. Now we have 30 upcoming event, but I can see only first 10 events. This is weird.

On the different pages we have buttons "ADD"/"Options" etc. that can't be used.

It makes my eyes hurt xD

I agree, Maria - I preferred the black background - was much more soothing on the eyes. But I'm liking the setup of things apart from that :) :) :)

I like the " cleaner " look.

The new site is really cool, however slower than the previous one. Also, I doesn't work on IE9.

Very true, Witeken - most of my friends must use Internet Explorer cos only one has messaged me since the site overhaul, and I just got one from another who's been trying to get in and she said it's because she's now getting in through Google Chrome, not Explorer :) :) Hope my other friends realise soon!

Witeken said:

The new site is really cool, however slower than the previous one. Also, I doesn't work on IE9.

it is slower and can you please add the date when the discussions where started??

I Think its Cool.
I Wish you all Would Add Music and Appearance to Members. we have no control of groups like we had before.
I Just love Linkin Park

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