Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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(excuse my "english" I'm a spanish speaker) the new site is really cool je it's like facebook design without the stupid things like :"you have an invitation to the group: I breath sometimes" what that meant? if I don't wanna join that group Ive never breath before? ja that's why I like this site! Only cares that we can get in here! LINKIN PARK!


linkin park rules!
I don't like it. I want a username not my real name, so I'm probably going to change it. Also it is hard to navigate. But I guess it's not horrible.
I like the mobile version of this site, its pretty cool. Keep up the good work guys.
Im diggin the backround. its pretty nice.
i'ts awesome, it's more organized and have more things... but i had to log in again (sorry my english if something is bad writed XD)
Like I said on Mike's site, it's about time.

I'm thrilled to see that we can create groups. I already made one, Writers Unite. There are so many LP fans who are writers, not just on LPfiction, but professional writers, so, I think it'd be a fun social gathering type of thing.

I love the computer look of the site. I feel like I am in total nerdom, and I love it. It's almost like an improved, user friendly Facebook. The sign ins are easier, browsing is easier, that annoying background music that would never go away and would play directly over all the videos is finally gone.

Also, I'm using Safari, and so far, no issues.

I had to make a new account, by the way, so before, my username was Shadower_Liltani.
This site is looking amazing!
the site is so awesome! i like the slideshow of pics u can put on your page and the file uploads. it'll be cooler if u put a different backround on the website. but other than that its so awesome
I love how there's no postcount. :D At least, not one I can see. :x
i cannot add the 8-bit rebellion as my friend..??

EDIT: i just did.. LOL!
its cool :3
the site looks amazing! it's easier to log in now and i'm glad that the problem has been fixed!

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