Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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I like it...looks very nice. I love the idea of the game as well...but its only compatible for the iPod touch or iPhone I don't could make the game on this those without them can also play on it...

Could also add some games...or something interactive...

All in all I think this site is ace...

luv nemo xxx
If u look on top it say; Stop Following. Have u tried that?

xenith said:
I HATE being put on an automatic email announcements for forum updates.

PLEASE REMOVE THIS FEATURE - My inbox is spammed with over 100 emails from the below posts and I currently can not find a way to stop this. FFS guys why are you trying to be your own myspace? The usability on your old site was fantastic what happened?

Very aggravated right now - oh wow I can add that to my status update! *fume*
It should have more options to change the transparency from the modules. Sure there is the css option, but i think for some people it's too hard to work with this codes. For example youtube have this options to make the modules (very easy) transparency and with color. I have more friends who think the same.
So far, so good. On the old site, some parts of it were very hard to read-that "LP" logo wallpaper was more in the foreground than background, which made it hard to read the overlying text. It's a much cleaner look & design overall. I'll keep looking around & let you know if I find anything that needs fixing.

Looking forward to the next album!
Hey guys, if you don't want your mailbox filled with 50 replies to threads, then don't click on the "Follow" option. I opened my mailbox a few hours ago and had to delete a lot of unnecessary emails because of it.

I know some people like to think that thousands of posts makes them awesome as hell, but, the people who reworked the website, had bigger things to worry about. And I'm glad the forums were flushed out, because the forum regulars were some very, very crass people, who found joy in belittling and bullying people over the internet (the lamest form of bullying, if you ask me). It's nice to see all of that negative stuff gone. It's probably why Mike is the only band member that comes on here.
Love the new site = ] Was getting tired of seeing the New Divide/Transformers background for several months xD
Really like the design as well. Feels alot cleaner and more simple.
i tried to change the background on my page and it says that its saved the changes but wont display the change in the background image or the themes properly.
other than that much more user friendly :)
yeah.. lots of improvements! great work guys..! ^_^
I like some new features that U guys added to this new site.. like groups, alerts, inbox, 'quick add' button, chat box, and much more.. that's really really useful! I can even customize my page with a theme.. so cool..! :D

but, sorry.. for me, I think the overall layout looks so crowded.. +_+
ow.. btw, if U don't mind, I have a request for U guys.. on "my groups" and "my friends" section, would U guys make a special feature to modify the positions of groups or friends that I've added? so I can pick which groups/friends that I want to be showed up on my page.. kinda shortcut as well, so I can easily go to my favorite groups or to my best friend's pages without having difficulty to find them among the others.. thanx before and after.. ^_^
Mike, Well done with improving the site it looks amazing and is so much more easier to use (:

Mike Shinoda said:
This site is getting good so fast, with your help. Well done, everyone!
about ur group. i joined it, and ever since i got 250 notification emails during one afternoon. the emails are about other members who join that group also. I don't know why I would be interested in knowing who joins the group. Can you please fix this problem? It's really annoying I was forced to leave your group afterall...
liking the new layout really cool :)
The new is awesome! I LOVE the colors and the chat bar! And it's SO MUCH FASTER than the old! But it would be AWESOME if the pictures at the top of the page had better quality. The only problem I have is with the new I post a comment, and then I can't view it, it doesn't appear on the blog... And I learned from Mike's group here on, that and other people experience the same problem. And also I WOULD LOVE if Mike creates a log-in system. My name is Paul and I worry cause another Paul sent a weird/idiot comment at Mike's "8 Bit Rebellion-on the way" post and I don't want any misunderstanding. I don't want Mike to think that is me.... Hope the problem gets fixed soon at Mike's new blog...

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