Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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Every website should be cross-browser optimized as more as it possible (but IE6 i suggest to ignore - it'll die faster then). And the official website of the band with so much fans around the World should be too. I'm saying this because in Opera browser the text editing bar is not showing! And therefore there is no chance to make a quote of the post on which you responding.
Thank you everyone for your feedback! We're adding in categories to the forum right now, which we'll be tweaking over the next few days. You'll see them on the site in the next few hours. Thanks!
I've tested this site with Internet Explorer 8 and it loads too much slow.

Nothing more bad at the moment :)

The site is awesome! keep it the same. nothing needs to be changed!:)
new lp website is totally kick-ass
love how it uses same lay out from it's wayyyy better
this is really goig to be a site that fans will regularly use.....BEST BAND WEBSITE TO DATE
This site is getting good so fast, with your help. Well done, everyone!
Right now I'm liking pretty much everything so far. I agree with people on other the other post. I loaded it on with my explore 7 & 8 and it was a little slow but nothing to snail like. I'm using it with safari and it's amazing it's quick too. Great job LP !
one more thing from me... somehow this "LPFB" doesn't auto logoff my ID. Even if there are no option of "remember me" or whatsoever on the login page, this site auto log me in as if i checked "remember me" option. i don't know if my stupid PC or my ID is the only one that's facing this or not, but i think it's a pretty important issue to look at. some people do still use shared comp and that some might forget to click "sign out".
Mike you are the only one of the band to get in touch and reply to our questions on the web. It is sad that rob for example is rarely posting something to us.. Atleast you got Dave to Twitter, thanks a lot for that.

I understand that some if LP don't really like to do that stuff, but robsaid once in an interview that he loves to browse through the fansites.. A little post would be cool...

Oh and what's the matter if the LINKIN PARK Twitter ? Dave told us to follow it for update and the LPU I featuring a page for it...but there is nO tweet !

And please please re-do the LPU photojournal! It was the best feature ever on the LPu and we kinda miss it :(

I don't believe you would read that not that there's going to be a change, but I tried it atleast ..

Mike Shinoda said:
This site is getting good so fast, with your help. Well done, everyone!
i have a question for the backgrounds we can pick... why aren't they showing up completely.. some parts of the backgrounds layout i chose is coming through but i also have the pixel backgrounds... is it just kink or do I need to do something ?
it's sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
One more thing: I think it would be nice to make a "My Page" menu item in user-block in the right side-bar - to make navigation easier. This menu item naturally belongs to this block :) And the "Sign Out" menu item better be placed at the very end of user-block, below the "Settings" one, or even "Quick Add" drop-down menu item.

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