Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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Typo: I meant to type "cool" not "col" and is easy to navigate.

1) chat room
2) a few games and tricks
3) can directly chat with Linkin Park!!!

I think the number 3 suggestion is most members will like to have to.. Who doesn't want face-to-face chat with Chester, Mike and the rest?

Who is agree to my idea?

One more thing. Pls fix this site people can open it on mobile phone. Do you know, when I using my phone to go to this website, it's unavailable "CONTENT TOO LARGE". This is what it show on my mobile phone

The site is great but for some reason I cant add an lpu underground membership to my basket :/

Hey there kitty

Whats the latest in the field of Cybernetics?

Maziecat said:

And...Yes, yes they are. But why aren't they on my profile anymore? I liked having a little more control over them. This feels too distant.

Schen (LPU Chat Mod) said:

Please click on community > photos.  Everything you've uploaded is still here.



Teo said:

I noticed that our photo section was removed. Can someone tell me the reason??

I LOVE Linkin Park because of the strong and meaningful lyrics that they choose for their songs. I think as the OFFICIAL website, it needs to provide more information about these details such as who has written the lyrics for the songs and who has composed the music. These information should be added to the discography part.

I think it is not hard and it is necessary for the website.

Would be nice if you added music to the site.  were members can add mp3's  

i love the new site and i am your biggest fan i have every single one of your songs on my spotify and i know 6 of your songs by heart i love your music and you guys have inspired me to start a christian rock band the song that i know by heart are in the end, breaking the habit, what I've done, numb, new divide, and burn it down.

i like this new site.. it has a cool design and the way it's build is ways better than the old version.. :) cool! LP!

the text is realllllly small on high resolution monitors. kinda hard to read. I like the design but I think it would be easier to navigate if the titles were a bit bigger and less squished up.

I'm really new on your website and I don't know it enough, but, from my first attempt, the letter-spacing is really too small in some cases (menu-item and lp-subheader-menu css classes for example) : Some sentences / words are difficultly readable.
But it's only my simple opinion :) Don't care about it if the others doesn't feel the same.

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