Now that you've had a chance to look around, tell us what you think. What do you think is awesome? What could use a little improvement?
If there are certain things you'd like to see that aren't here yet, just let us know. You can help make the site exactly what the fans want.

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Hi Jacrid! Glad you like the site and I love your feature idea to be able to say where you know you friends. Very clever.

Jacrid said:
I like the design, and so far, I don't miss any features...

I can invite Friends - check
I can found and join groups - check
I can discuss about topics and chat with other people - check
I can watch videos - check
I can post Blog, Videos & Pics - check
I can share things on other social networks - check

A function to note where I know my "friends" from would be nice...
I really love it !
All options are badass !
In general, the site is way better, in my opinion. You did a great job !
Congrats from France
STINGER_LP >*sparkles*<
You are amazing. I haven't met another gun coder in many long years. I often wondered if anyone else even knew what CSS is anymore :} I am honored to meet you >*bow*<
good work!

but the official music videos should be sorted after their release ..
Its really cool, but I dont like the forum..I dont like it either on

but its cool in general..
I wonder if this system will be integrated with the Linkin Park Underground. Or will connect with facebook or twittter (updating my status here updates my twitter, for instance, or a blog post i write also appears on the LPU and a Facebook note). Social Networking is difficult because it has to act centralized when it's not, and when its fragmented the less important sites are gonna get ignored. It would be sad if the LPU can't be combined into this system, because that would make two sets of blog posts, statuses, etc I have to maintain and I wouldn't be interested in doing that. And thus I wont really use this site.

One improvement I really like is this site isn't overly flashy like the previous site was. It doesn't take nearly as long to load. Navigation is easier too.
Gayle Noble, thanks :) This is one of my hobby and i thought that it will be suitable to use these skills in this discussion :)
Hey Guys! Could u make the similar badge for forums?
Coz this one is sooo huge for them. I mean it contains to many symbols and some forums deny to set it for my signature.
I thought the site tá maravilhoso much interactivity. At first it is based on 8bit game, I think the images can be sharper if possible. The rest is ready you can launch. hehehe

Junior kenji
Site dedicated to the band in Brazil.

Note: If you can ask pro Mike or someone from the band visit our website and leave a comment, it is important to us.
I like this new site. I will admit I'm not the most computer savvy individual so I can't give any real "technical" opinions. But I like what I've seen and experienced so far - I don't normally spend that much time on the computer, but The Underground and this site are going to change that I think.
The links to the LPU site in "SHOP" and "LINKS", how about removing "/join" from the URL, that it actually gets you to the LPU site instead of the stupid join page. If you are not a member it gets you to the join site anyway.

And I hope the Featured Groups will update on their own. Otherwise I really like the site! Awesome networking.

How about that the cutout of the profile photo or album photo is adjustable? And another free gift besides the red ribbon would be nice.

Also almost ALL music videos have the wrong aspect ratio, either squeezed or stretched!
If I have an opportunity to give you my opinion about redesigned, I will try to do it in the best way.
1) I don't like a color, because it looks like a website for nursery school children. Maybe you're just maight to change color palette and this can really improve usability of pages.
2) It's would be very smartly to upload in player High Definition video. It's an era of HD and you also should move forward.
3) Site became more social - this fact deserved to be rewarded
4) You're became more closer to the peole and it's a very important achievement. Listen to the people and you will be heard
Good luck)

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